World T20: Australia v Pakistan

World T20: Australia v Pakistan


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Mar 23, 2014

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Returning discerning Doug Bollinger after dismissing Ahmed Shehzad.

Returning discerning Doug Bollinger after dismissing Ahmed Shehzad. Photo: Getty Images

12:23am: That’s a frustrating outcome for Australia. Victory seemed good within their grasp.

They now face an intensely tough conflict to end their Twenty20 World Cup drought, notwithstanding a masterclass from Glenn Maxwell which scarcely stole feat from Pakistan in Dhaka. A fear night in a margin was scarcely paper-covered over by Maxwell’s pyrotechnics, in that a absolute right-hander struck a peppery 74 as Australia were bowled out for 175, descending 16 runs brief of Pakistan’s aim of 192.

Losing David Warner and Shane Watson in a initial over of a batting follow didn’t assistance either.

We’ll see we subsequent time for live coverage of Australia’s compare opposite West Indies on Friday. 

11:56pm:BOWLED!!!! Hogg is out on a final ball. Australia all out for 175 from 20 overs. A superb win by Pakistan.

11:56pm: Hogg picks adult dual runs with a second final ball. Junk time now …. Pakistan stealing prepared to celebrate.

11:54pm:OUT!!! Another wicket. Haddin is held in a low as he went after a six. Australia 9-173. They competence nonetheless be all out. It has been a outrageous fall after a Maxwell-Finch partnership.

11:53pm: Hogg gets bat on round though they usually get one run. 19 runs from 3 balls is a equation.

11:52pm: 20 runs indispensable from 4 balls. Brad Hogg to face.

11:52pm:RUN-OUT!!! Starc goes as they desperately follow a second run from Haddin’s shot into a off-side. The neatly strike shot was misfielded (a small harsh) and Haddin couldn’t utterly get behind discerning enough. The result? Starc had to spin behind and was brief of a crease.

11:51pm: Haddin hits down a belligerent though can’t strech a fence. Two runs. 21 indispensable from 5 balls.

11:50pm: Bilawal Bhatti will play a final over. Fascinating choice … he went for 30 runs in an progressing over.

11:49pm: Starc gets bat on round though can’t find a boundary. They take dual runs and it’s 23 runs indispensable from a final over. It’s still possible.

11:47pm: 25 runs indispensable from usually 7 some-more balls. Great bowling during a finish from Pakistan.

11:47pm: Two new batsman in Haddin and Starc are during a double …. a charge will be over them. Surely!!!

11:45pm:WICKET!!! A overwhelming finish. Australia looked home and hosed after Maxwell and Finch’s shining partnership. Now it’s lower-order batsman Coulter-Nile who goes … purify bowled in a office of runs.

11:44pm: What an over! 1-1 from Saeed Ajmal. Australia’s equation: 30 runs from 12 balls.

11:39pm:BOWLED!!!! Finch goes after an glorious innings. Pakistan now a distracted prohibited favourite once again. This has been a superb over during a genocide from Saeed Ajmal. Finch (65 from 54 balls).

11:39pm: Just one run scored from a initial 3 balls of a third final over … vigour building.

11:37pm: So it’s 31 runs indispensable from 18 balls. A wily small equation. It’s firm to come down to a final 3 or 4 balls. Maybe even a final ball. Australia has 5 wickets in palm and can ill-afford to remove another one.

11:35pm:OUT!!! Hodge chases a far-reaching one, gets copiousness on it, though Ajmal snaps adult an intensely pointy possibility during low point. The batsman simply found a approach to collect out a fieldsman. It was racing towards a range otherwise. 

11:33pm: That male Brad Hodge comes to a wicket. Great to see him behind personification for Australia!

11:28pm:WICKET!!!! Australian captain George Bailey goes cheaply. Afridi gets a breakthrough, unctuous past a batsman’s counterclaim with a wily delivery. Bailey can usually demeanour behind during his private bails. Australia 4-146 (51.1 overs)

11:23pm: The equation is now 54 runs from 6 overs for Australia. Seven wickets in palm so that unequivocally doesn’t poise a problem. Pakistan needs a strike bowler who can trap a integrate of wickets. And quickly.

11:14pm:WICKET!! That male Maxwell goes, out to a toil sweep, though he’s finished his job. Afridi picks adult a wicket and Ahmed Shehzad was a fieldsman with a protected hands. Maxwell (74 from 33 balls, strike rate: 224.34).

11:10pm: Here’s a scenario: Australia needs usually 70 runs from 54 balls. GAME OVER. Glenn Maxwell and, to a obtuse extent, Aaron Finch have ripped this compare from Pakistan’s grasp. With 8 wickets in palm (let’s not forget Australia mislaid dual batsmen in over No.1) it’s fundamentally a foregone conclusion.

11:07pm: Here’s a possibility ….. DROPPED!!!!! …. Maxwell goes after a low full toss outward off branch and it’s juggled one, two, 3 times in a deep. But it’s dropped. Sweeper Saeed Ajmal might have usually cost a compare for Pakistan.

10:56pm:SHOCKING OVER …. That over from Bhatti went for 30 runs. Australia races to a fork of 100 runs and we’ve usually usually left 8 overs. Terrible, lax bowling.

10:54pm:WHOOOAAA …. Maxwell is forced to neatly steep a beamer from Bilawal Bhatti. He turns around and looks menacingly during a bowler. But he wins in a finish … not usually was it a no-ball though it also went for 4 byes.

10:53pm: Maxwell is sizzling!!! Yet another 6 brings adult his half-century. He races to 54 not out from 18 deliveries. We’re in record-breaking territory.

10:50pm: Momentum swings wildly, though also infrequently progressively. Maxwell and Finch carrying no problem anticipating a boundaries. The stream run-rate (10.5) exceeds a compulsory run-rate. So, usually who was essay off a Aussies after losing dual wickets in a initial over?

10:45pm: Great strike from Finch. It was a cross-bat bid though so good strike …. Australia reaches a 50 mark. Finch giving more-than-able support to a big-hitting Maxwell.

10:41pm: So, here’s a equation: Australia needs 148 runs from 90 balls. The run-rate is right on a income and they have steadied easily after a early wickets of Warner and Watson. It’s flattering even betting right now.

10:35pm:SIX!!!!! Maxwell clobbers another. He’s in form. Maxwell races to 22 not out from usually 10 balls. GAME ON.

10:33pm: Maxwell joins Finch during a double and a work is all forward of Australia. The certain is that should Maxwell be a male to build a large innings for Australia, he’ll have copiousness of time to do so … well, we’re looking for positives.

10:25pm:GONE!!!! Another one. Watson out held behind. Australia in large problem after losing dual wickets in a initial over! Zulfiqar Babar a destroyer, stealing a dual Ws with his cunning spin.

10:23pm:OUT!! Warner goes looking for runs, bowled by Zulfiqar Babar. He got a small cocky there, did Warner.

David Warner after being bowled with usually a second round of a innings.

David Warner after being bowled with usually a second round of a innings. Photo: Getty Images

10:21pm: Australia’s innings is underneath approach and Warner finds a blockade with a opening ball.

10:15pm: The theatre is set for a constrained run chase. In all honesty, Australia wouldn’t have banked on surrender so many runs. But they have a batsman, namely Finch and Warner, to positively strech a target.

10:10pm: There’s a innings. Pakistan manages 5-191 from a 20 overs. That’s excellent batting. Australia will lamentation a few missed chances. Pakistan owes copiousness to Umar Akmal, who anchored a innings beautifully.

U Akmal 94 (54)
K Akmal 31 (31)
S Afridi 20 not out (20)

Brad Hogg (0-29 from 3 overs) was disappointing, though he wasn’t a usually culprit. Finch (0-18 from one over) wasn’t given another demeanour from George Bailey.

10:05pm:OUT!!! Umar Akmal goes in a final over. He had to choice though to go after a runs and he couldn’t utterly conduct this full toss from Starc. Maxwell takes a protected locate in a outfield. A excellent innings from Akmal ends.

10:02pm: Afridi gets right underneath a Bollinger smoothness though luckily his skied shot falls safely as Finch approaches in a deep. A good over this one during a genocide from The Rug.

10:00pm: We’re 18 overs down and Pakistan is 4-174. The enchanting 200-run symbol is still within reach. Umar Akmal has anchored this innings, scoring his 89 runs from 50 deliveries.

9:58pm:OOOHHHH … Hogg puts down a pointy chance. He leapt during full bid and couldn’t drag down a round with his one outstretched hand. That’s another missed possibility for Australia but, in fairness, this one was unequivocally tricky.

9:53pm:WHACK! A outrageous 6 down a belligerent from Sharad Afridi. Watson can usually travel behind to his symbol with his conduct bowed. Afridi slammed it low into a stands behind mid-wicket.

9:49pm:GOT ‘EM! Coulter-Nile snags his second wicket. New batsman Sohaib Maqsood cops a yorker and he can’t keep it out. Pakistan 4-147 in a 16th over.

9:44pm: OK, 15 overs into Pakistan innings and they are still a possibility to impulse a 200-run mark. Umar Akmal has 70 runs from 40 deliveries. Coulter-Nile entrance into bowl.

9:36pm: A voice from a past …

9:34pm:OUT. Well, what an vicious breakthrough. Kamran Akmal is held by Warner during low point. The batsman simply picked out a fielder and couldn’t put divided this delivery. That’s Coulter-Nile’s initial wicket. Akmal’s 31 came from 31 deliveries. Crisp batting.

9:32pm:Pakistan 2-114 from 12 overs. Shocking over from Finch (0-18 from one over). Umar Akmal doing many of a repairs though opening bat Kamran Akmal is giving good support.

9:30pm:WHACK! Umark Akmal takes a prolonged hoop to Finch! Gee, this is a large over. Already dual sixes and a 4 from a initial 5 deliveries.

9:28pm: Pakistan reaches a century. This partnership is zooming along. They’ve put a pedal down in new overs and not relented.

9:23pm: Pakistan 2-83 during a median mark. Innings good on track. Watson’s latest over goes for 14 runs. Bailey has reasons to be concerned. Hogg onto play next.

9:19pm:DROPPED!!! A pointy possibility to Bollinger goes begging. Momentum is overhanging good and truly Pakistan’s way.

9:16pm: Run-rate is on a rise. Hogg goes for 13 runs initial up. Akmal and Akmal utterly staid now. Pakistan 2-69 from 9 overs. A vicious integrate of overs entrance up. If Pakistan manages to impulse a 100-mark from 12 overs, they’ll be formally pleased.

9:12pm:DROPPED!!! A extreme possibility on a range is put down by Brad Hogg. Gee, that was sharp. 14 runs from a over. Pakistan 2-56 from 8 overs. Hogg’s reward? Have a play aged fella!

9:11pm: There’s a 50 for Pakistan. They are starting to pitch extravagantly now! They unequivocally have no choice.

9:09pm:Pakistan 2-42 after 7 overs … a unequivocally purify run-rate. The dual batsman – Akmal and Akmal (ala Johnson Johnson) – will demeanour to open a shoulders and start overhanging in a subsequent few overs. Wickets in hand.

9:03pm: Akmal is usually labyrinth along, a opener has 7 runs from 13 deliveries. Watson entrance in for his second over now.

8:58pm: A successful initial over from Watson, 1-5. Australia creates a second change with Coulter-Nile entrance into bowl.

8:54pm:OUT!!!! Watson strikes early. Captain Mohammad Hafeez is gone, out bowled. The stumps are shattered.

8:52pm: A dear second over for Bollinger, featuring dual boundaries. Pakistan 1-25 from 4 overs. Shane Watson into a attack.

8:48pm: Steady swell for Pakistan. 1-14 from 3 overs. You get a feeling a rival sum for Australia to follow would be around 160-170. Time to get a shake on.

8:44pm: Alright, let’s get this regard out of a approach early. The group uniforms are simply too similar! Both nations are in dim green. And a umpires are also in a dim tinge …. purple. Just not meditative of a fans examination on TV. Of march it’s not like footy or soccer, though improved choices should be made.

8:40pm: The Big Fella strikes!!! Bollinger removes Shehzad, held and bowling. He’s overjoyed.

8:39pm: Bollinger into a conflict ….

8:35pm:NOT OUT! Simply too many doubt. Video justification was inconclusive.

8:35pm: Plenty of movement in a opening over. Batsman chases a far-reaching round and ‘clumps’ a ball. It goes by to a ‘keeper and there’s some possibility it’s out. Decision pending.

8:32pm: We’ve away. Basically a defensive shot from Shehzad finds a approach to a range on a off-side. Mitchell Starc bowling first.

8:21pm: So, Doug Bollinger is behind in Australian colours. Does anyone remember a final time ‘The Rug’ wore a inhabitant colours?

8:20pm:The teams:

Australia: 1 Aaron Finch, 2 David Warner, 3 Shane Watson, 4 Glenn Maxwell, 5 George Bailey (capt), 6 Brad Hodge, 7 Brad Haddin (wk), 8 Mitchell Starc, 9 Nathan Coulter-Nile, 10 Brad Hogg, 11 Doug Bollinger.

Pakistan: 1 Kamran Akmal (wk), 2 Ahmed Shehzad, 3 Mohammad Hafeez (capt), 4 Umar Akmal, 5 Shoaib Malik, 6 Sohaib Maqsood, 7 Shahid Afridi, 8 Bilawal Bhatti, 9 Umar Gul, 10 Zulfiqar Babar, 11 Saeed Ajmal


Brad Hodge hits a winning runs opposite South Africa.

Brad Hodge hits a winning runs opposite South Africa. Photo: Getty Images

8:12pm: Australia’s captain George Bailey has won a toss and selected to play initial opposite Pakistan in Mirpur. We’ll take a demeanour during a dual teams in usually a moment.

8:05pm: Hello and acquire to a live blog coverage of Australia’s initial compare during a World T20 in Bangladesh. The Australians are red prohibited favourites opposite Pakistan in this ultra-shortened chronicle of a game.