Suspected militants conflict Pakistan polio insurance team

Suspected militants conflict Pakistan polio insurance team


Pakistani health workman Salma Saleem, right, gives a a polio vaccine to a child, in a area in Islamabad, PakistanPolio vaccination teams have been underneath conflict from militants

Two policemen who were escorting a polio vaccination group have been shot passed in Pakistan’s north-west Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The policemen were pounded by unclear gunmen in a Dera Ismail Khan district.

More than 40 people related to a polio vaccination programme have been killed in Pakistan given 2012.

The Taliban conflict a polio programme and have been obliged for identical attacks in a past.

They contend a vaccinations are a cover for unfamiliar espionage.

Militants have also indicted health workers of being partial of a Western tract to sterilize Muslims.

A explosve conflict on a polio vaccination group in north-west Pakistan killed during slightest 11 people progressing this month.

In Tuesday’s violence, a roadside explosve went off as a police-guarded procession gathering by a encampment nearby a Afghan border.

The blasts were reportedly followed by a extreme gun conflict between confidence army and a militants.

Pakistan is one of usually 3 countries where polio stays endemic, along with Nigeria and Afghanistan.

According to a World Health Organisation, Pakistan available 91 cases of polio final year, adult from 58 in 2012.

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