Six guilty of Pakistan Kohistan ‘honour killings’

Six guilty of Pakistan Kohistan ‘honour killings’


Four women in pledge video footage

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The women and organisation were reported to have been killed after video showed them singing and dancing during a wedding, as Orla Guerin reported in 2012

A justice in a remote northern Pakistan segment of Kohistan has condemned a male to genocide for a murder of 3 brothers in a supposed honour killing.

Five others were condemned to life imprisonment.

The killings took place early final year after a mobile phone video flush that showed a organisation of women and organisation dancing and chatting during a wedding.

The organisation killed were brothers of a organisation in a video, and those convicted were kin of a women.

The women are also suspicion to have been killed.

The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says that it is a initial time that anyone has been condemned for an “honour killing” in Kohistan, one of a many regressive tools of Pakistan.

The ancient and firm honour formula of a segment gives a family of a lady a right to kill her – and any of her lovers – either or not any explanation of a relationship between them indeed exists, a compare says.

The small blending of organisation and women of opposite families can means an aspersion to a families of a women, he adds, providing them with what they contend is a right to punish family honour.

Police trust that in this case, kin of a women in a video motionless they had been abashed and sought revenge. But since they could not snippet a organisation in a video, they instead killed their 3 brothers in Jan 2013.

Four of a women in a video are believed to have been murdered, as good as a fifth lady who is not seen in a footage.

Map display a plcae of a Kohistan region

However their bodies have never been found and a killings were denied by internal officials and members of a women’s family.

The 6 organisation condemned on Thursday have a right of appeal. There is now a duration on genocide sentences in Pakistan.

Witnesses during a conference pronounced that there was complicated confidence via a justice premises before a verdicts were announced.

All a indicted were in justice to hear a decider make a brief matter announcing their guilt. He will give some-more details, he said, during a after date.

Our compare says that in new years there has been larger inspection of such cases opposite Pakistan, and that they are some-more frequently reported to police.

Earlier this month the box of Rukhsana Bibi in Kohistan was highlighted by a BBC. She was exceedingly harmed and her father killed because, she says, they motionless to elope and get married opposite a wishes of her family.

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