Pakistan’s Most Racist Restaurant?

Pakistan’s Most Racist Restaurant?


Welcome to Islamabad’s La Maison restaurant. Unless you’re Pakistani

“Shut this motherfucker down! [Please] forgive my French,” reads one of a hundreds of indignant comments that flooded amicable media over a final few days from Pakistanis angry during reports of a French grill in Islamabad that bans entry…to a Pakistanis who live there.

The snub over the no-Pakistani process during a 20-seat La Maison grill owned by Frenchman Philippe Lafforgue began building in mid-December when a publisher for a collateral city’s Dawn journal initial held breeze of it and tweeted about it.

According to Lafforgue, a restaurant’s process of refusing entrance to Pakistanis and seeking for pass numbers from impending diners was since non-halal food (food not available by Islamic law) and ethanol were being served.

Philippe Lafforgue (Facebook)

In a letter to Dawn publisher Cyril Almeida that Almeida done public, Lafforgue wrote (unedited): ”I am revelation we it is unfit to open a place to a open when we offer food non-halal. …Everybody is acquire even pakistani people with a twin national. we don’t wish to harm a attraction of muslim people. What u call discrimination, i call it respect.”

Lafforgue positively didn’t keep his process secret. In ads (below) placed online final Aug to partisan staff for La Maison, Lafforgue done it transparent that English was compulsory since “the business will usually be foreigners.”

That has serve angry Pakistanis, who trust La Maison is a reversion to British colonial rule. “After reading [Lafforgue’s letter], we was reminded of a time when it was excusable in this partial of a universe to say: ‘No locals authorised in here…unless they’re portion we your tea,’” wrote one tyro blogger. Some tweeted their offend with a hashtag #NoToApartheid.

The drumbeat of annoy was amplified by a post from a Facebook page ancillary a famous chief scientist AQ Khan. The page, that has roughly 1.5 million Facebook followers, posted a approach plea to a French restauranteur: ”Newsflash Philippe…not all Pakistanis are Muslim and all non-Pakistanis not Muslims, so your proof fails miserably. Are we claiming that a chairman with a Saudi Arabian Passport can enter your restaurant? Aren’t they Muslim too?”

Finally, over a weekend, military raided La Maison. The grill has now reportedly been sealed because of unlawful ethanol found on a premises.

A perspective of one dining room of La Maison

The Facebook page of La Maison also appears to have been close down. Lafforgue’s personal page shows that he’s a fan of another French grill in Islamabad called Cordon Rouge. A restaurant with that name got into difficulty behind in 2009 when it put adult a pointer observant “Foreigners Only.”



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