Pakistan urged to recover British male condemned to genocide for blasphemy

Pakistan urged to recover British male condemned to genocide for blasphemy


A organisation of politicians and academics have called for a recover of a British male condemned to genocide in Pakistan for blasphemy, so that he can accept mental health treatment.

In an open minute published in a Independent, a organisation lifted concerns about Mohammed Asghar’s wellbeing and asked a boss of Pakistan to intervene.

Asghar was arrested in 2010 in Rawalpindi, nearby Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, for claiming to be a soothsayer Muhammad.

His family says he suffers from mental illness and was treated for paranoid schizophrenia in Edinburgh before returning to Pakistan in 2010.

He was convicted final month and his family immediately launched a debate for him to be expelled from control in sequence to accept medical help.

His lawyers pronounced he seemed “pale, dehydrated, jolt and hardly lucid” during a new visit, call fears his condition had severely deteriorated.

Signatories to a open minute embody a shade probity secretary, Sadiq Khan, Scottish tellurian rights counsel Aamer Anwar, academics from a Muslim Institute, a Islamic Society of Britain and a horde of charities.

The minute is addressed to Pakistan’s president, Mamnoon Hussain.

It reads: “Like so many British Pakistanis, Mr Asghar was a successful businessman and post of a village who lived for many years in a UK where, by a lifetime of tough work, he helped foster a holds of loyalty and bargain between his local and adopted countries.

“We a undersigned are endangered that his liberation from illness is unfit while he stays incarcerated during Adiala jail, where his lawyers fear he is in risk of holding his possess life.

“We respectfully titillate we to cruise regulating your discretionary powers as boss to atonement Mr Asghar and to concede him to be expelled from jail so that he can accept his diagnosis and be reunited with his amatory family.”

The heresy censure was brought opposite Asghar by a reside with whom he was carrying a dispute.

His family have appealed to a UK supervision to do all it can to make certain he is safe.

In a matter expelled by Reprieve progressing this month his kin said: “As a outcome of a skill brawl with one of his tenants, my father was jailed tentative a trial.

“The dates kept being changed brazen so that by a time a hearing resolved he had already been in horrific jail conditions, pity a dungeon with several other group for 3 years.

“Throughout this time he had smallest entrance to remedy that competence have helped his mental illness for 3 years.

“We are unequivocally dissapoint and endangered that they will never recover him and that he will die in jail.”

A petition on, addressed to a primary minister, David Cameron, and Scotland’s initial minister, Alex Salmond, is job Mr Asghar’s release. It now has over 28,000 signatures.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office pronounced it has invariably done representations to a Pakistan supervision on interest of Asghar and would continue to do so.

The Scottish supervision pronounced it was in hold with a Foreign Office about a case.

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