Pakistan erased an International New York Times cover story (update)

Pakistan erased an International New York Times cover story (update)


Today’s book of The International New York Times was nude of a cover story in Pakistan. Instead of saying a extensive news on “What Pakistan knew about bin Laden,” readers were greeted with an huge territory of white space that dominates a paper’s front page.

Elsewhere in a world, a International New York Times published a story by Carlotta Gall that closely examines links between Pakistan and Osama bin Laden. Gall’s news traces a common indictment that a ISI, Pakistan’s comprehension unit, might have intentionally supposing preserve for a al Qaeda personality before he was killed during a United States raid in 2011. Instead of that story, we’re left with one of a many visually impediment examples of censorship in years.

Update: The censorship was apparently carried out by a internal paper, The Express Tribune, that has a placement agreement with The International New York Times. About 9,000 copies of a paper were printed with a vacant front page, The New York Times reports.

The Express Tribune has formerly been targeted by an nonconformist organisation in a area and might have avoided edition a al Qaeda / Pakistan story to equivocate being serve attacks. “While we know that the edition partners are infrequently faced with internal pressures, we bewail any censorship of the journalism,” a Times orator said.

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