OK! Magazine launches in Pakistan

OK! Magazine launches in Pakistan


The creeping Talibanisation of Pakistan is a word that has no definition here. Against all odds, Pakistan’s conform and luminary attention continues to flourish.

After a launch of a general announcement Hello! Magazine several years ago, it is now OK! Magazine’s spin to ‘expose’ itself to Pakistanis.

The launch took place during a Mohatta Palace. With a fully-stocked smorgasboard of pastries, wasabi sandwiches, smoked salmon, crostinis and chocolate mousse, a early birds during a eventuality got to representation a “tomato tapanede”… And other fancy-sounding unpronounceable food.

The venue, embellished with lamps and chandeliers on tree branches and bouquets of flowers everywhere with china Cupid figurines was design ideal for a garden party. With many of a women attendees in heels, that translated to lots of heel-poked-holes in a garden itself.

OK! Magazine now has over 50 million readers worldwide. Speaking to Dawn.com, on bringing it to Pakistan, Aamna Haider Isani — also one of Pakistan’s tip conform reporters — pronounced “It’s been a work of love. And it took several months to put it together. People thought, ‘what’s a large deal? Just put it together!’ But, no…every singular page had to be sent to London for approval. They were really sold about a minute of things that is great.”

“Their truth is simple: it has to be about celebrities, it has to be positive, a tinge has to be upbeat. We intend to redefine celebrities in Pakistan. More than only people who demeanour good and dress nice. We wish to foster ‘real’ heroes. People who have achieved something in life.”

The author is a enlightenment publisher and member of staff. She tweets during @madeehasyed

Article source: http://www.dawn.com/news/1094860/ok-magazine-launches-in-pakistan