Female Polio Worker Brutally Killed in Pakistan

Female Polio Worker Brutally Killed in Pakistan


PESHAWAR, Pakistan – The bullet-riddled physique of a womanlike polio workman was recovered Monday in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan, with her lips cut and hands broken.

The woman, identified as Salma Farooq, 35, was defunct Sunday night when 8 armed group allegedly entered her home and tied-up her father and tortured her 5 children.

A comparison polio central in Peshawar, Mohamamd Faheem, pronounced a armed group kidnapped Farooq and shifted her to an different location.

“The armed group cut her lips and pennyless her hands and dumped a physique in a fields outward Peshawar,” a military central said.

The hideous murder of a womanlike polio workman barbarous internal villagers.

“She selflessly served a village and used to go doorway to doorway to immunize children. Anyone who killed her is a rivalry of a bad villagers and deprived them of a medic,” pronounced Niaz Mohamamd.

Government officials in Peshawar pronounced a occurrence was a “worst” so distant to occur to polio workers in a country, though were demure to contend she killed given of her work.

Image:Fareed Khan / AP

“At a impulse we don’t have any explanation that a womanlike workman was killed due to her profession, though we reject it in a strongest probable words,” pronounced Dr. Jan Baz Afridi, a provincial conduct of a immunization program.

“We are questioning a heartless murder of a lay worker, though there could some other motives behind her killing,” a military central said.

Over 60 people, including polio workers and confidence crew deployed to strengthen them, have been killed in Pakistan given 2012, according to a World Health Organization.

Militant groups such as a Pakistani Taliban conflict immunization and contend it is a cover for U.S. spying.

The aroused attacks on health workers have hampered a tellurian debate to exterminate a debilitating disease. Only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria sojourn polio-endemic, down from some-more than 125 countries in 1988, according to WHO.

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/female-polio-worker-brutally-killed-pakistan-n60826