Sex, Sunny and Sri Lanka

Sex, Sunny and Sri Lanka


Sex, Sunny and Sri Lanka
Pooja Bhatt talks about her film ‘Jism 2’ shoot update, Sunny Leone and all the sex talk on the sets

Pooja Bhatt talks about her ‘Jism 2’shoot update from Sri Lanka, Sunny Leone and all the sex talk on the sets

Ever since Pooja Bhatt decided to come out with the sequel of Jism, there has been a lot of buzz about the film and its cast. The

latest news we hear is that the film is being preponed by a week.

Speaking exclusively to us from Sri Lanka, Pooja Bhatt confirms the news while adding, “The release date of the film was August

3, but after seeing the film’s rushes, my distributors want me to bring out the film in advance. In fact, my music company is also

very gung-ho about the tracks. However, I’m prepared. ”

Sunny days

Just six days away from wrapping her shoot, Pooja is quite satisfied with the way the film has progressed so far.

About rumours that adult star Sunny was actually quite shy while filming some of the intimate scenes, Pooja clarifies, “Why can’t

an actor in reality be different from the person he/she portrays on screen?

There is a certain difference between having sex and making love. The role that Sunny is playing is very complicated, which even a

seasoned actress would think twice before taking up.”

Pooja also claims that Sunny’s language skills have improved over time. Pooja points out, “When we went to her with the film, we

knew the kind of limitations she would come with. Today her Hindi has improved a lot from where she began.”

Daddy dearest

Pappa’s girl Pooja has also had to counter with the pressure of the constant presence of her father Mahesh Bhatt on the sets.

Pooja however laughs and says, “He is always present for all our films. He loves the energy and is very inspiring. What is

there to get intimidated about? In fact I want to surround myself with people from whom I can learn.”

All in all, Pooja’s quite a content lady. Particularly because, apart from Sunny, she also has plans around her hotties Randeep

Hooda and Arunoday Singh.

The director quips, “I’m a lady and how can I forget the rest of the ladies of our country? In

our country we don’t present men beautifully but that would not be the case in our film.”


Sex, Sunny and Sri Lanka
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