In Retrospect: Bollywood actors and their dress of 2013

In Retrospect: Bollywood actors and their dress of 2013


In Retrospect: Bollywood actors and their dress of 2013

Almost each Bollywood actor has finished a film that has done his or her fans shake their heads in disbelief. The year 2013 was no different

Ranbir Kapoor: Besharam
RK Junior pronounced that he did not bewail doing Besharam as it was a training experience. What he learnt from a film is utterly disputable though a film did zero to raise his repertoire. From cliched lines lik e ‘sharm nahi aati hai kya’ to officious inexpensive humour, a film was not even unintentionally funny.

Dimple Kapadia: What a Fish
What a waste! The beautiful Dimple Kapadia is reduced to an irritating aunt in a film. It’s fine if it helps take a film serve or supplement to her repute as an actress, though a unchanging biting and cacophony was a sum spin off. We wish, she wasn’t (mis)cast in this mimic of a shrill aunt.

Imran Khan: Once on a time in Mumbai dobaara
Imran Khan plays a Muslim impression in a film, donning Pathani suits and a propitious gemstone ring as well. But a good fitness didn’t massage off him, he looked ill during palliate station adult to favourite Akshay Kumar who mouthed some truly cheesy dialogues.

Naseerudin Shah: Sona Spa
The maestro actor attempted to do a travesty on a contentious babas, though finished adult as an epitome illustration of an equally problematic script. According to Shah, what meddlesome him about a film was a surprising and interesting suspicion of carrying someone else nap for you. All we can contend is zzzzzzzzz…or improved watch Inception on TV.

Ram Charan Teja: Zanjeer
We are not comparing him to a strange favourite (Amitabh Bachchan) of a strange Zanjeer. But Ram Charan or a director’s idea that a good physique and dare-devil stunts were adequate to revitalise a sorcery of Zanjeer was laughable. The singular countenance that Ram Charan wore via a film didn’t assistance a means either.

Randeep Hooda: John Day
Though Randeep’s act as a aroused former patrolman Gautam wasn’t too bad, a fact that he hammed by a larger partial of a film was a let down. It looked like he too mislaid a tract of a film after a few scenes most like a director. The striking scenes did zero to raise his impression as well.

Leander Paes: Rajdhani Express
Paes’ initial film did adequate to derail his film career. The Wimbeldon champ competence be an ace on a justice though his discourse smoothness in this film left a lot to be desired.

Prachi Desai: Policegiri
Some star pairings make we nauseous. We consternation what a makers were meditative when they interconnected Prachi with Sanjay Dutt, who’s well, above 50. Matters got some-more waggish when Prachi said, `I am happy that we got to play my age.` Well Prachi, wearing prohibited pinkish and orange dresses is your age though creation fun of your co-star’s ‘dhalti umar’ on-screen is no regulation for Bollywood romance. Watch Shaukeen if we don’t get this.

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