"Virat & we Were Dating For 2 Years; Siddharth Is A Dear...

"Virat & we Were Dating For 2 Years; Siddharth Is A Dear Friend,” Izabelle Leite Comes Clean


She has antiquated some of India’s many authorised bachelors including Virat Kohli . But there’s some-more to Izabelle Leite than meets a eye.She was initial famous as a overwhelming beauty in that little-seen yet poignant film Raj Purohit’s Sixteen.Now a year after Izabelle was in a news again recently when she was held by paparazzi dining with Siddharth Malhotra.

Izabelle doesn’t repudiate her dosti with Karan Johar’s protégé.

Says a sexy Brazilian beauty, “Sidharth Malhotra is a friend. Yes, we hang out together. And that night(March 6) when we went for cooking we wasn’t awaiting all those photographers outside. I’m not used to all this, and we forget a fact he’s famous here.”

The Brazilian beauty who will subsequent be seen with Tanuj Virwani in Purani Jeans, admits she was utterly frazzled by a cinema that were splashed in a papers a subsequent morning. “I’m not used to a paparazzi . This kind of courtesy over my masculine friends has happened to me 3 times already. And we feel so embarrassed. I’m not a kind of lady who wants to be seen and listened everywhere unless it’s about my work.”

Izabelle is saddened by a low law quotient that she witnesses in reports on her life. “Some sections of a media write and uncover so many things about me that are not true. But it’s ok. we am in a contention where people are extraordinary about my life.Its all partial of my work so we understand.”

There were also link-up rumours with her Purani Jeans co-star Tanun Virwani .

Izabelle clarifies. “Tanuj is my co-star and given we started a workshops for Purani Jeans we turn unequivocally good friends. And we always accommodate any other. we know his relatives as good and they are unequivocally good to me. There is zero over that.”

Izabelle admits dating cricketer Virat Kohli. “Virat was one of a initial Indian friends we had when we came to India. We were dating for utterly a while. ..We were together for roughly dual years. But we didn’t wish to make it public. So yeah, Virat and we did have a relationship. But Sidharth is usually my crony and yes, we do spend time together as well.
Izabelle arrived in Mumbai 3 and a half years ago. “I motionless to come to India for to work and make money,and not usually for myself.I wanted to try to means a softened life to my family.”

It’s not easy for a 23-year aged Brazilian to be alone in Mumbai. “I have to work and live distant from my family.

Shedding light on her roots a peaceful beauty says, “I’m from Joao Pessoa.That’s in north-east Brazil. we started to work given we was 14 . But we could never transport given we was studying. So as shortly as we finished my propagandize and started university, after one and a half years, we motionless to transport to India.”

She bagged Sixteen roughly immediately, and yet it was not a success it should have been, Izabelle has no regrets about her debut. “Sixteen has a large definition in my life. No matter how large or small, people beheld a movie. Honestly, we had a good knowledge operative in it and we schooled a lot. The fact that we didn’t know how to pronounce correct English, Hindi and had never acted before in my life , and they still believed that we could do that, gave me a lot of bravery and impetus.I worked unequivocally tough and we was feeling kind of “blind” given we didn’t know how good or bad we was during my scenes.”

Mumbai was, and remains, a enlightenment startle for Izabelle. “ Everything was so opposite for me. Language, food, people, culture, acting, weather…. But we devoted my executive totally and in a finish we could see how good a formula were. I’m unequivocally blissful we started my Bollywood career with Sixteen.”

Izabelle got good reviews for Sixteen and some offers too.One of them was Purani Jeans.

Exults a outlandish enchantress, “It has a shining book and I’m unequivocally happy to be partial of a cast. we trust that all happens in a right time. So some people tell me that we should wait for a BIG film. But overtly any of a projects we select to be partial of,is BIG for me. we learnt a lot while operative in both of movies.Besides tiny or large projects are relative. Sometimes what’s a tiny film for some people competence be unequivocally poignant for me. I’m flourishing as a chairman and an actor as well. But for certain we wish to do large cinema and do good for myself. That’s what we have been operative for.”

Being an alien in Bollywood who can hardly pronounce Hindi Izabelle says she is gentle in her adopted feel . “It’s heartening a approach they accept a fact that I’m not from here. But of course, there are a lot of expectations .I know e I’m not Indian and we need to master a Hindi language, a workings of a film industry, a dance stairs and all.”

Izabelle is operative tough to get a Bollywood abbreviation right. ‘That’s what we have to work for. we need to be as good as a Indian actresses are, to be partial of their cinema and get to work in good projects.Everyone treats me unequivocally good over here. Not usually in a attention yet in general. My neighbors, my teachers, people we have to pronounce with, daily.So yeah, we do feel during home here. I’m unequivocally blissful to be in a nation that creates me feel during home.”

In Purani Jeans Izabelle’s impression goes by several phases of existence. “I play a lady who lives in Mumbai and moves out to a tiny city Kasauli. And there she meets adult with this organisation of guys The Kasauli Cowboys. She’s kind of mature, she always had in mind to be an architect. The lady I’m personification in Purani Jeans is totally opposite from a lady we played in Sixteen.”

She feels a change for a softened within herself. “ we do feel we have grown yet not as most as we wished. With any and any film we will have a lot to learn some-more about myself. This is usually a commencement of my career and it’s usually my second movie. Honestly we got meddlesome in cinema after we watched my possess film Sixteen.After we shot for Purani Jeans we feel I’ve grown as a person.I’m a kind of chairman who wants to be a best and to do my best when something is of good interest. And I’m apropos unequivocally meddlesome in movies. It’s always tough in a commencement yet it’s usually a beginning, there is a lot to learn, and a lot to come. As of now I’m shaken and vehement to watch Purani Jeans.”

She is all regard for her Purani Jeans co-star. “Tanuj was an overwhelming co-star. He was assisting me out any second that we indispensable him, or even when we suspicion we didn’t need him. He was a unequivocally good crony given we met for a initial time and started to do seminar together. He was unequivocally studious for a fact we didn’t pronounce Hindi fluently and when we had problems to get in a section of a scenes.He has grown a lot as an actor . He’s personification an extraordinary purpose that is totally opposite from how he is in genuine life, and we could see how most he softened his opening any day of a shoot.I am honestly happy for him.I am certain he will get approval for Purani Jeans.”

Izabelle stays with a tighten crony in Mumbai. “I live with my best crony here in Mumbai. I’m propitious to live with my best friend. She’s Brazilian as well. But we do skip my family a lot. we can’t explain on difference how most we miss. It’s unequivocally tough to be distant from them. But we pronounce to them any singular day given a initial day we came to live in India. I’m unequivocally tighten to my family, and they are my impulse to be where we am now.They give me a strength to transport alone in this tour of cave in Bollywood.”

Izabelle looks brazen to saying her family soon. “My mom and sister competence come shortly to spend a month with me. we will try and move them here some-more mostly .Honestly it’s unequivocally tough to conclude who your genuine friends are. But we adore to accommodate and get to know new people, to pronounce about new things, to share experiences, etc.I do have my buddies over here that we unequivocally like them.I don’t have many friends, yet a ones we have are adequate to make me happy.My friends in Mumbai are special to me.They assistance me to live but my family.”

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