I consider it is stupid

I consider it is stupid


Meera Chopra, who will seem in ‘Gang of Ghosts’ soon, seems to not be too lustful of her cousin, Parineeti Chopra.

Parineeti had formerly stated,”Meera is not my cousin. She is a cousin’s cousin’s cousin. We don’t even accommodate and talk. So she is not unequivocally my family,”.

Meera now lashed behind saying,”When Parineeti talks like that… we consider it is stupid… Why would we speak like that. It doesn’t disquiet me as we don’t have any romantic bond with her. we don’t remember a time spent with her,”.

She adds, “We all have been brought adult together 20 years ago. We used to stay together. All brothers were tighten to any other before they separate and brought adult in opposite cities. Parineeti is young, Priyanka and we are of same age…We are close,”.

She furthers hits out during Parineeti by saying,”Priyanka is a usually luminary in a family and she will always be a usually one. we have her umbrella support. She is a lady with a golden heart and we am propitious to have her as family,”.

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