“I Spoke To Her The Night Before!” Asha Parekh On Her Best...

“I Spoke To Her The Night Before!” Asha Parekh On Her Best Friend Nanda’s Going


“Aise bhi koi jaata hai kya?” Asha Parekh is horrified during a unmannerly exit of her crony Nanda from this world. “I spoke to her on Monday night. We had a prolonged chat. On Tuesday morning she was gone. When we spoke to her in a night she was positively norma. She was in no pain during all, not even any uneasiness.It is frightening when we don’t even get a possibility to contend goodbye.You are reminded of a infirmity of life.”

Nanda and Asha were really close. “We had to accommodate regularly, all of us friends. Waheeda,Sadhana, Helen and Nanda and I. Sadhana had turn too inextricable recently in justice cases. So she couldn’t join us regularly.In fact on Tuesday Sadhana couldn’t come to day her final farewell to Nanda.”

Asha recalls all a good times she common with her suddenly-deceased pal. “We, a whole organisation of friends, final met for lunch on Saturday only 3 days before she was snatched divided from us. Now we consternation how we lady pals would ever accommodate though blank her constantly.”

Ashaji describes Nanda as a peaceful soul. “She was a sweet-tempered soft-spoken chairman whom you’d never find losing her rage or formulating a scene. She desired being during home. And in new years she had turn some-more and some-more of a home-bird. She desired her family. The genocide of a hermit some years ago left her shattered. She had dual other brothers.And she favourite to spend time with them.”

Getting Nanda out of a residence was an ordeal. “She had come for my 60th birthday. But she didn’t come for my 70th birthday.But we never hold that opposite her. we knew it unpleasant for her to dress adult for open appearances. we was really tighten to her.We spoke about anything underneath a sun.My final review with her is now etched henceforth on my mind. It’s tough to trust that now when we dial her series she won’t be there to answer.I have mislaid not only a crony though my confidante.”

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