Second Official Trailer for Netflix’s Action Comedy ‘Game Over, Man!’

Second Official Trailer for Netflix’s Action Comedy ‘Game Over, Man!’


Second Official Trailer for Netflix’s Action Comedy ‘Game Over, Man!’

March 8, 2018
Source: YouTube

Game Over, Man!

“Shut up, we can take them!” Netflix has expelled a hilarious, second full-length trailer for a unruly movement comedy Game Over, Man!, a initial underline done by a whole “Workaholics” group. The movement film stars all 3 guys from “Workaholics” – Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson – and is destined by one of a creators of a show. We featured a first full trailer in Jan progressing this year, though with a film nearing after this month, it’s time for another reminder. The story follows 3 stoner gamer friends about to pointer a large financing understanding when their categorical financier is kidnapped by terrorists. These 3 “zeroes” turn heroes (sort of) when a hotel they work during is taken hostage. Yeah, this really is a complicated stoner/gamer chronicle of Die Hard, and I’m so there for it. we only wish it’s indeed good! Fire this adult below.

Here’s a second full-length trailer for Kyle Newacheck’s Game Over, Man!, from Netflix’s YouTube:

Game Over, Man! Movie

You can see a teaser trailer for Game Over, Man! here, or also watch a initial full-length trailer here.

In this movement comedy, 3 friends are on a verge of removing their video diversion financed when their champion is taken warrant by terrorists. Game Over, Man! is destined by American filmmaker Kyle Newacheck, one of a creators/directors of “Adam Devine’s House Party” and “Workaholics”, as good as many other TV shows and brief films. The screenplay is created by Anders Holm, one of a other stars of “Workaholics”. The film is constructed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, as good as powerhouse writer Scott Rudin, and a rest of a “Workaholics” group. Netflix will recover Newacheck’s Game Over, Man! streaming exclusively starting on March 23rd after this month. What do we think? Who’s examination this?

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