Prince William went boar sport in Spain with his ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig

Prince William went boar sport in Spain with his ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig



As we mentioned on Sunday, Prince William went on a “boar-hunting vacation” in Spain while Duchess Kate and Prince George were vacationing with a Middleton family in Mustique. This outing finished adult apropos a MAJOR pain in a donkey for William for several opposite reasons. For one, a boar-hunting outing was suggested usually a few days before William and his father (Prince Charles) began a renewed pull to finish poaching and bootleg wildlife trade. While boar-hunting is authorised in Spain, a outing seemed unequivocally “off message” as they say, and now a animal rights people who would have been on William’s side about poaching are flattering pissed during him.

The outing was also a disaster because, well, it usually seems like another sign that William and Kate live apart lives a lot of a time. He seemed to have begged off a Mustique vacation since he’s in a midst of his Cambridge “bespoke program” and nonetheless he found time to jet to Spain to hunt with his hermit while his mother and baby son were in Mustique. To supplement another covering of sketchiness to a situation: Harry and William weren’t a usually ones on a sport trip. William’s ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig assimilated them. Huh. You can see a print here.

Would we let your father go on holiday with a lady he is rumoured to have romanced?

While a Duchess of Cambridge stayed during home with baby George, Prince William was assimilated on his sport outing to Spain by Jecca Craig, a African wildlife conservancy founder’s daughter whom he is pronounced to have courted before he started during St Andrews University, where he met Kate.

Others on a furious boar and partridge sharpened outing — that captivated disastrous headlines as it took place usually days before William is due to residence a worldwide discussion on a massacre of African wildlife — enclosed Prince Harry and their consort Edward outpost Cutsem.

Earl Grosvenor — whose father a Duke of Westminster owns a estate where a sharpened celebration stayed — was among those welcoming William during Madrid airport.

The Prince incited down an invitation to his cousin Peter Phillips’s marriage in 2008 so he could join Jecca when her brother, Batian, got married in Kenya.

[From The Daily Mail]

Kate is pronounced to be “furious” but… we don’t know? we consider Kate and William have some arrange of understanding. William gave Kate what she wanted (the ring) and Kate gives William what he wants (freedom to try other… relationships, let’s say). It was that approach when they were dating too – Kate was excellent as prolonged as she was William’s “official”. Then a stately propogandists rewrote their story together to make it sound like they had some grand adore story when unequivocally William kept violation adult with Kate to try to get with Jecca, Isabella Calthorpe, etc.

So, is Jecca a “mistress”? we don’t even know. we would consider that if Jecca was a mistress, they would be most some-more watchful about it. That’s a stately approach – mistresses are excusable as prolonged as all is kept watchful and no one gets photographed together during a Spanish boar hunt.

Oh, and as predicted, Morrissey had some things to contend about William’s boar-hunt. You can review Morrissey’s latest here.


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