Prince Charles doesn’t wish Harry to marry Cressida Bonas, she’s ‘not stately...

Prince Charles doesn’t wish Harry to marry Cressida Bonas, she’s ‘not stately material’



Do we consider Prince Charles is in any position to give his sons recommendation on their adore lives? No. we do not. Charles’ matrimony to Diana was a disaster of epic proportions, and when he married his long-standing mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles, he could usually go by with it by publicly earnest that Camilla would never be black (although she will be). Charles’ adore life has always been a disaster. So since would he even get concerned in Prince Harry’s adore life? Harry has been dating Cressida Bonas for a improved partial of… what? A year and a half? Something like that. And there are poignant rumors that Harry will introduce to his dear Cressida someday this year. But not if Charles has anything to contend about it!

IN a latest stately scandal, Britain’s PRINCE CHARLES has told his son HARRY to cold it with his voluptuous blonde partner after her stepfather allegedly committed suicide, according to friends. Only months ago, “wild child” Harry, 29, seemed prepared to settle down with multitude beauty Cressida Bonas, 24.

“Harry had a meltdown after his father told him to ‘back off’ from Cress since of her family problems,” a stately source told The ENQUIRER. “Charles has been anxious that a Royal family’s credit was easy after Prince William married Kate Middleton and (their son) Prince George was born. Charles doesn’t wish Cress’ family problems to cost them all that good will.”

Redhaired stately insurgent Harry – barbarous for bare merrymaking in Las Vegas and boozy nights out – spent Dec movement to a South Pole to lift income for harmed veterans.

He’s been dating Cressida for 20 months, and days after they were reunited in London following his Antarctic expedition, her stepfather – former investment landowner Christopher Shaw – was found passed of a suspected drug overdose during his home.

Shaw, 76, was a fourth father of Cressida’s mom and reportedly had financial problems.

Meanwhile, Harry – who recently switched from being an Apache helicopter commander in a British Army Air Corps to a staff officer position in London – has pronounced that anticipating a lady “prepared to take me on” is tough, and sources contend this liaison will usually make things worse.

“Harry told his father he loves Cressida, yet Charles isn’t certain she’s stately material,” pronounced a source.

“Harry is underneath outrageous vigour to dump her, and friends contend he’s ‘broken in two’ during being ripped between his family and his lover.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Oh, please. we mean, it’s awful that Cressida’s step-father committed self-murder and that’s a family tragedy, for sure. But don’t use that opposite her! And if a problem is “Cressida has dodgy relations,” I would like Charles to take a good prolonged demeanour during a Middleton family and afterwards during his possess family. The stately family is full of dodgy relations, as is a Middleton family (where art thou, Dodgy Uncle Gary?).

The reason I’m doing this story is since we partly trust it, though. we could totally see how Charles would tell Harry that Cressida isn’t matrimony material, and that her family and her lifestyle are only too independent for a stately life. we consternation if Cressida is unequivocally adult for it too, and if Harry and Cressida do marry, there’s a good probability it will finish in disaster. But that has to do with Cressida’s age, a fact that she’s walking divided from her dance education/career to be a stately girlfriend, and since she only doesn’t seem to caring about “royal life” in general.



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