Official Trailer for ‘Ramen Heads’ Documentary About a Best Ramen

Official Trailer for ‘Ramen Heads’ Documentary About a Best Ramen


Official Trailer for ‘Ramen Heads’ Documentary About a Best Ramen

February 10, 2018
Source: YouTube

Ramen Heads Trailer

“It’s value watchful a whole day only to eat this ramen.” FilmBuff has expelled a trailer for a tasty documentary patrician Ramen Heads from Japan, profiling 5 of a excellent Japanese ramen chefs and their techniques. If we adore ramen, we have to see this. If we don’t know what ramen unequivocally is, we have to see this. If we adore good food, we have to see this. Koki Shigeno’s Ramen Heads is a fascinating culinary film about what creates ramen so great, and how dedicated to their qualification these several chefs are. “As a cook maybe we need to be some-more of a ramen conduct than your customers. You need to make a soup so good that people never get sleepy of it, even if they eat it any day.” we held this during IDFA and it’s an fine doc, felt some-more like a film best for train/bus trips than a cinema, though it will make we adore ramen even more. Get a ambience below.

Here’s a central trailer (+ poster) for Koki Shigeno’s documentary Ramen Heads, proceed from YouTube:

Ramen Heads Poster

In Ramen Heads, Japan’s reigning aristocrat of ramen, Osamu Tomita takes audiences low into his universe by divulgence any singular step of his recurrent proceed to formulating a ideal soup and noodles along with his relentless hunt for a highest-quality ingredients. In further to Tomita, a film also profiles 5 other important ramen shops, any with a possess philosphy and flavor, exemplifying a several opposite aspects of a ramen world. Mixing in a brief outline of ramen’s chronological roots, a film gives viewers an in-depth demeanour during a enlightenment surrounding a singular and pleasant dish. Ramen Heads is destined by Japanese filmmaker Koki Shigeno, creation his underline directorial entrance with. It premiered during film festivals in 2017, and also played during IDFA. FilmBuff will open Ramen Heads in name theaters starting March 16th.

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