Nigella Lawson covers Vogue UK for a ‘fresh start’: poetic or too...

Nigella Lawson covers Vogue UK for a ‘fresh start’: poetic or too airbrushed?


Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson covers a Apr emanate of Vogue to foster The Taste and (I guess) her new standing as a clever and eccentric woman. She looks so lovely. They’ve apparently photoshopped her, though that happens to everyone. The cover boasts a “fresh start” for Nigella. Part of that (beyond a apparent need to overcome being choked by Charles Saatchi and being dragged by a sand in court) is vouchsafing go of her common clumsy makeup. Nigella does customarily raise on a eyeliner, so this is a some-more healthy demeanour for her.

Nigella mostly contributes as an editor to a repository and pens a cookery mainstay for them, though now she’s stepping in front of a camera. She says she was super worried doing so. we theory she’s happier in suit and scheming food than simply posing in a soothing immature dress. We already talked about how Nigella’s been putting onward a no-nonsense opinion about her divorce (she pronounced “there are people going by a lot worse“). I’m meddlesome to hear some-more soon. Here are a few little talk excerpts:

Posing for Vogue: “I was shocked of being photographed though make-up, and we hatred carrying my looks talked up. It always creates me feel I’m going to be a beating in a flesh.”

On her career: “I adore what we do, though there are other tools of my mind that we haven’t flexed in a veteran way. we do infrequently consider that I’ve let a some-more methodical partial of my mind unemployment slightly. we do like essay about food, though there’s so most that interests me. I’ve been operative – in a cottage-industry approach – on an app, which, if it works, could be deeply thrilling.”

[From Vogue UK]

I wish Vogue releases a rest of a talk soon. So distant it sounds like Nigella is throwing herself into her work as a means of coping. As prolonged as she doesn’t finish adult with Saatchi again, it’s all good.

There’s another shot of Nigella looking generally stacked during a bottom of this post. I’ve also enclosed some photos of Trinny Woodall and Saatchi being sum together during Scott’s grill (the stage of a choking) a few weeks ago. They even went there on Valentine’s Day (we don’t have those photos), that is super bizarre. It’s roughly like they’re both fixated on gripping “the incident” alive. Trinny even gave a bitchy interview in Feb where she talks about her new “very special friend” who creates her feel “very energized.” Trinny afterwards forsaken this line: “It’s good that, during 50, life can still squeeze we by a throat and shake we up. And it’s even improved when you’ve schooled to cope with whatever’s thrown during we — so prolonged as it isn’t a bedside lamp.” Jesus.

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