Katy Perry wears a questionable new ring, are she & John Mayer...

Katy Perry wears a questionable new ring, are she & John Mayer engaged?


Katy Perry

Katy Perry and John Mayer are still gripping adult their charade of a romance good into a new year. I’m amazed, really, that they are still together. These dual lovebirds stepped out for a coupley date on Valentine’s day. We don’t have a photos, though we can see them here. Go demeanour — we can see Katy’s new bobbed hair (wig?) and quirky tiara.

In those photos, Katy is wearing a ring on her really critical finger. We’re ostensible to delicately discuss a coming of this ring right now. What does it mean? we consider it means Katy wants us to see a ring and consternation either she and Johnny child are engaged. They’re not. They are SO not engaged. Katy pulled this attempt final Valentine’s day too when John gave her a crimson ring that looked like dress jewelry. This is their small mutual game. It keeps John in a headlines and creates Katy feel important, like she’s “tamed” another bad boy.

Here are some photos of John being respected during a UCLA Head Neck Surgery Luminary awards. Remember, he had that throat granuloma private a few years ago? He looks stoned.

John Mayer

Katy Perry

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