Katy Perry & John Mayer pennyless adult for a 3rd time, she...

Katy Perry & John Mayer pennyless adult for a 3rd time, she dumped him


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Here’s a print of John Mayer attempting to go neglected as he left his NYC hotel yesterday. He’s doing a Bieber travel and has a shades on, so we can’t get a grasp on his mood besides a common “douche” vibe. Maybe we should be good — a new news from E! says Katy Perry dumped John a few days ago. Is a biggest adore event of a age over all over again?

Not that we didn’t see this coming. They’ve already damaged adult a few times — many recently last March before going for a third turn in June. Kaiser, CB, and we had a small in-house gamble on how prolonged they would final before ditching any other again. We’re all flattering certain John wanted to finish this thing a prolonged time ago. They were compelling their corner singular with coupley Vanity Fair portraits, though live interviews suggested that John looked super uncomfortable when Katy overwhelmed him in public. Then she started playing a “engagement” ring game again. we gamble John started treating Katy like crap until she dumped him. we hatred it when guys do that:

Katy Perry and John Mayer have called it quits.

A source tighten to a span exclusively tells E! News that Perry pennyless adult with Mayer within a final few days.

No other sum about what stirred a “Dark Horse” singer’s preference were forthcoming, though Mayer was noticeably absent from Perry’s side on her new outing to London and Milan. She returned home to Los Angeles on Friday.

Despite some early ups and down, a low-pitched span quick became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, sweetly purgation about any other in interviews and collaborating on a strain “Who You Love,” off of Mayer’s latest album, Paradise Valley.

The twin have been a core of rendezvous rumors for utterly some time now, with a many new turn of are-they-or-aren’t-they being sparked by a outrageous solid ring Perry was wearing during a Elle Style Awards final week in London.

Perhaps a festive appendage was only for character after all.

A source told E! News in November, however, that a subsequent step seemed “inevitable,” and that all of their nearest and beloved were unequivocally rooting for them to stay together. “They are so ideal together,” a insider added.

The Prism artist once called Mayer a “genius” and told E! News, “I’ve been a fan of John’s for years before we got to indeed lick him.”

About their low-pitched collaboration, she added, “I’ve been such a fan, we consider he’s so impossibly means and means and a talent songwriter. So to be a partial of anything he was doing was only natural.”

The dual initial went open with their off-and-on intrigue in summer 2012. They separate briefly, reconciled, called things off again final March, though afterwards seemed to be going clever once again.

[From E! Online]

They are so ideal together” *sniff* Is it probable for John to be ideal with anyone? He’s a sole wolf. The man is happy adequate to get with a lady initially, though he always gets a eagerness and ends adult looking trapped. we wish this story is loyal and Katy gives some good plate for her subsequent Vogue cover. She trashed Russell Brand that way, and we know John deserves a same game.

CB mentioned that John was substantially failing to give his chronicle of events to a paps yesterday. We should extol him for his reserve — as waggish as it would have been for him to lift that attempt again.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

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