Johnny Depp doesn’t wish to ‘turn off’ Amber Heard by seeking for...

Johnny Depp doesn’t wish to ‘turn off’ Amber Heard by seeking for a prenup


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One week has upheld given the rendezvous listened ’round a world between Johnny Depp, 50, and Amber Heard, 27. we know a lot of people make a outrageous understanding about their age difference, and we determine it’s kinda skeevy. At a same time, we demeanour behind fondly on age 27 and enviousness Amber for being there right now. we usually don’t know since such a “free spirit” would wish to sequence herself to a subsequent entrance of Keith Richards. we substantially shouldn’t contend that — it sounds terrible. Of march Johnny is still good looking and a charmer, yet he and Keith are so most alike. There’s a reason Keith played Jack Sparrow’s father in those stupid Pirates movies. Speaking of which, we wish Amber doesn’t mind bandit teeth since Johnny’s scheming to fit adult once gain.

There’s a diminutive small story about Johnny and Amber’s rendezvous in this week’s emanate of Star. Their take isn’t unequivocally that important solely for a final dual sentences:

His ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis recently debuted a extreme makeover, yet all eyes are now on a palm of Johnny Depp’s stream squeeze, Amber Heard. The 27-year-old beauty attempted to censor a hulk sparkler on That finger while grabbing cooking during L.A.’s Ago grill on Jan. 13, and it’s since Johnny popped a doubt over a holidays! While some friends of a Transcendence actor, 50, sojourn heedful of Amber’s intentions, he refuses to be anything yet devoted. “She’s always wanted to be abounding and famous,” spills a source. “And she left a four-year attribute with a lady for him. But Johnny doesn’t wish to do anything that might spin her off, such as seeking her to pointer a prenup. He’s crazy about her and has chased her for a prolonged time.”

[From Star, imitation edition, Feb 3, 2014]

Bad move, Johnny. we am not even doubt Amber’s motives with this intensity matrimony here! You never know what’s going to occur a decade or dual down a line. Johnny should strengthen his happening for his children’s sake. If Amber is a form of chairman to be frightened off by a prenup, afterwards apparently she’s not a chairman Johnny should marry. Oh well. He’s totally soft with her and is substantially usually meditative with his wang.

As a side note, Amber’s initial representative has talked to People about his former client. Jeff Nightbyrd says, “Very early Amber accepted beauty usually opens a doorway of opportunity. She wanted a ability to squeeze a event by a throat and infer she had a piece to behind adult her looks. we would disagree Amber Heard is a Katharine Hepburn in a opposite kind of body.” Austin Film Society contingency agree. They’re bestowing Amber with the 2014 “Rising Star” award. Even yet she’s been kicking around in Hollywood for over a decade.

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