Jennifer Lawrence’s lassie found her raunchy ‘gag gifts’: lovable or TMI?

Jennifer Lawrence’s lassie found her raunchy ‘gag gifts’: lovable or TMI?


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere, and we adore it. American Hustle hits far-reaching recover tomorrow, so she’s creation a rounds. She’s been named one of People’s Most Intriguing of a year. Last night, JLaw seemed on Barbara Walters’ final Most Fascinating People show. We already lonesome her (hopefully exaggerated) desire for fat degrading regulation. Now here are her thoughts on feeling like a zoo animal:

“I don’t know. You feel like a zoo animal, or something. we don’t know what it is. It’s something in somebody’s eyes. It’s like not connecting, not creation eye hit sometimes. And now I’m surrounded by people all a time, and we can be so waste when everybody goes. But we have to remind myself it’s usually being alone, it’s not lonely.” She combined that in 10 years, her dream is to have “everything calm.”

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Fame is a conundrum, though we consider Jennifer will be fine. There are times we worry about her since she’s so restless and “nitro,” though she’ll be fine as prolonged as she keeps her nose clean. Which she substantially will.

Here’s a funnier subject. JLaw stopped by to revisit Conan O’Brien final night, and things got a small wacky. We’ve already listened Jennifer tell David Letterman all about sh-tting her pants on a Catching Fire debate (which was usually unfortunate to me in propinquity to this dress). Now she’s articulate about her accumulate of (unintentional?) sex toys that a hotel lassie found:

“This is indeed unequivocally funny. Somebody as a fun bought me a garland of b*tt plugs. It’s a prolonged story. we had a thriving volume of b*tt plugs. Tons of b*tt plugs. All opposite kinds of colors and a lassie was entrance so we was like, ‘well I’ll usually force this underneath a bed so she doesn’t see all these b*tt plugs.’ She competence not know they are for a joke. Then we came behind and all of them were brought out of a bed and were in this pleasing arrangement on my bedside table. we consider she knew what she was doing. They were underneath a bed. we wanted to leave a note like, ‘not mine’ or ‘bought as joke.’”

[From Team Coco]

I totally know who did this to Jennifer. The gifting, we mean. It had to be Josh Hutcherson. They have that form of joking, prank-playing relationship. JLaw asked for this “gift” a time she walked by Josh during an interview and innocently asked, “Is your unreasonable doing okay?

Jennifer also told Conan about how she soppy a bed during age 13 and couldn’t wait to tell her friends. God, she’s usually a big disaster of corporeal functions, isn’t she?

JLaw is so damn weird. we wish she hadn’t ducked into Conan’s uncover but doing a small dance for a paps! As a satisfaction prize, here are some screencaps of a final time JLaw visited Conan. How could anyone feign this?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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