Jared Leto ‘jokes’ Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar tumble was ‘a bit of an...

Jared Leto ‘jokes’ Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar tumble was ‘a bit of an act’: humorous or rude?


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This story is indeed a small bit antiquated by scarcely a week, though many outlets are benefaction it now, so we might as good join them. Lots of Oscars report is still spilling forth! Here’s a lowdown. Most of we are wakeful that Jennifer Lawrence took a decrease on a Oscar red carpet. This was an unintended follow-up to last year’s cake-walk fall. Jennifer clearly tripped over a cone while fluttering to fans. She was not Katniss-ing us with an “aw shucks” media routine. JLaw was laying as low as probable this awards season. She was anxious to remove a Best Supporting Actress difficulty since she’s wary of a backlash that threatens to disintegrate her “It Girl” status.

Jared Leto motionless to make things a small harder for Jennifer. She had already been criticized (by many of you) for violation book onstage while presenting a Best Actor award. Leto suggested to Access Hollywood that he and his family were a ones shouting during JLaw as she walked onstage. She should have abandoned these heckling antics, though it was childish of Jared to act that way. He was substantially riding high on his win and motionless it was protected to act douchey. He also “jokingly” told Access Hollywood that JLaw fell on purpose progressing that evening. Joke or not, we consider it’s bold of him to feed a burgeoning backlash. Do we agree?

Jennifer Lawrence did not destroy in being really Jennifer Lawrence-y during Sunday’s Oscars – and Jared Leto pennyless it all down for Access Hollywood.

When a singer strike a theatre to benefaction a Best Actor award, she went off script, looking into a crowd, saying, “Why are we laughing? What, is this funny? I’m still examination you!”

It turns out, a singer was articulate to associate Oscar leader Jared Leto, who was in a assembly shouting with his family.

“She said, ‘What are we shouting at?’ But what she didn’t know was that Ellen was on a side…making, pantomiming [motions like], ‘Don’t fall, don’t fall,’ and my mom and my hermit are all enormous up,” he explained.

“I theory we don’t have any manners,” he joked. “You can take them out of Louisiana though we can’t take Louisiana out of them, right?”

Jared also weighed in on Jennifer’s red runner outing progressing on a Oscars red carpet, her second uninterrupted tumble during a Oscars.

“You know, I’m starting to consternation if this is a bit of an act,” he joked with Billy Bush about a actress’ less-than-graceful red runner moment.

[From Access Hollywood

Jared needs to count his blessings (and his scarves) and be really careful. He’s not defence to recoil either. Now that Jared’s an central Oscar darling, his possess skeletons are ripping from a closet in a form of publication stories. Would it be bold of me to ask either Jared’s shining Oscar campaign was “a bit of an act” too? It’s totally possible.

While we’re articulate about Jennifer, we should review this column that JLaw’s municipal BFF, Laura Simpson, wrote after she attended a Oscars. She was a one who Jennifer retained as she ate red carpet. Bill Murray wanted to dance with Laura! I’m so jealous.

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