Ireland Baldwin & Nicole Richie both have purple hair: who works it...

Ireland Baldwin & Nicole Richie both have purple hair: who works it best?


Nicole Richie

Purple is a new blonde, y’all. Nicole Richie went lavender progressing this week. If we were meditative she competence have copied Kelly Osbourne, that’s partially a case. Nicole did it on a brave from Kelly and Instagrammed a results. Kelly’s had a purple for a few years now, and she loves it some-more than your housewife hair. we consider that Kelly’s hair looks good in certain lighting though not on a red runner (especially when she goes matchy matchy with her clothes).

Now Ireland Baldwin has followed suit. Who knows if she’s meditative of Kelly and Nicole during all, though here are a results.

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland competence indeed be experiencing “breakup hair.” E! Online only pennyless news that she split from surfer Slater Trout after dating for a year. Ireland says, “I am focusing on work and propagandize now.” Her Instagram comment reveals that she’s perplexing to get into college while still posterior modeling. we don’t consider a agencies are large on purple hair these days, so yeah … this is dissection hair. we consider Ireland looks good in her Instagram pictures, though these photos of her grocery selling exhibit an ungainly daytime transition. The tone suits Nicole a bit some-more since she’s pixie like and creates me consider of Tinkerbell. Tink would demeanour lovable with purple hair too.

Nicole Richie

Ireland Baldwin

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