Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady are offered their LA palace for $50...

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady are offered their LA palace for $50 million: WTF?



Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady LOVE pricey genuine estate. They are in a routine of building a outrageous palace in Massachusetts, reportedly in additional of $40 million so far. Last year they also picked adult a outrageous and costly New York City apartment. And this whole time, they were building another outrageous mega-mansion (more like a castle) in California. And now a California mansion/castle is being sold. WHAT?

This is unequivocally intolerable … a implausible European nation estate Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen spent 4 years and $40 million building is on a marketplace … reduction than a year after it was completed.

Our genuine estate sources tell us … a integrate wants out of L.A. henceforth and will be vital full- time in Boston, where they’re building another ridiculously large estate — a 14,300 square-foot residence on 5 acres. The estate is listed for a cold $50 MILLION!!!

As for a L.A. house, Tom and Gisele privately spent a outrageous volume of time formulation a design. It’s an extraordinary skill — a 14,000 square-foot categorical house, one of a best home gyms in a world, antiques from everywhere around a globe, an extraordinary forever pool, rapids and pool … all on 4 primary acres in Brentwood.

There was indeed a hum a New England Patriots QB and his supermodel mother would pierce to L.A. full-time after he retired, though clearly that’s not a case. What we can’t figure out — because not have 2, some-more medium $20 million mansions in both cities. BTW … we called Tom and Gisele’s brokers — Kurt Rappaport and Stephen Shapiro — though a calls weren’t returned.

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More sum about a LA castle: it has 6 bedrooms (which doesn’t seem like that most deliberation how outrageous it is), a epicurean kitchen, a library (for all of Gisele’s book bar books!), and, of course, a koi-filled moat. And this palace was built to their specifications, and apparently it’s eco-friendly or something. we don’t know. Are those solar panels on a roof? we theory so.

So, because are they offered this palace after building it for a past 4 years during unreasonable cost? Here’s what we wonder: is Tom Brady profitable for all of this genuine estate? The tabloids explain that Gisele believes it’s Tom’s avocation to compensate for everything, regardless of a fact that she’s a highest-paid indication in a world. we kind of consternation if Tom competence have gotten overextended on his genuine estate-buying binge. Or hey, maybe they’re only committed to vital on a East Coast.


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