Ethan Hawke’s mother worries that Ethan will crash his new costar, Jan...

Ethan Hawke’s mother worries that Ethan will crash his new costar, Jan Jones



As I’ve pronounced before, Jan Jones has a illusory Instagram. Like, she’s unequivocally good during posting photos mostly adequate to be interesting, though she doesn’t go overboard. She posts selfies, pics of her dogs, pics of her character organisation and she also is unequivocally good during Throwback Thursdays. Jan has been in New Mexico for several weeks filming a film called Good Kill with Ethan Hawke. Soon after she arrived on set, she posted an IG of herself and Ethan (that’s a imitation above). Is that a rough photo? Or is it only cute? Well, given what we know about Ethan and his anti-monogamy stance and given what we know about Jan and her “I don’t caring if they’re married” stance, it seems like a imitation could be misconstrued. Which is because Ethan’s mom Ryan competence be worried:

Ethan Hawke’s disturbed mom is examination him – like a hawk! Jan Jones recently posted a imitation of herself and Ethan on Instagram, essay that it was “a dream come loyal operative with a exquisite Ethan Hawke!” The uncover of love and indebtedness appears to have weakened Ryan Hawke, Ethan’s mom of 5 years and mom of his daughters Clementine and Indiana.

Ryan became generally endangered after a new talk in that Hawke pronounced society’s views toward monogamy are “outdated”. To Ryan’s dismay, she satisfied that Ethan has room to ramble as he shoots a fight film “Good Kill” with Jan in Albuquerque, NM.

“Ryan was going to stay in NYC with their children while Ethan was on location, though now she says she skeleton to join him on a set,” reveals an insider.

Although zero has happened between Ethan and January, a source said: “Ryan total if she is with him and brings their kids along, she can put out ay fires between him and Jan before they start.”

Ironically, Ryan was a nanny of Hawke’s dual children with mom Uma Thurman before that matrimony finished amid rumors of Hawke’s infidelity. Ryan began dating a actor shortly after a split.

As for January, a source warns: “Guys are drawn to Jan – she’s like catnip to men!”

[From The Enquirer, imitation edition]

Well… it sounds like Ryan has good reason to be worried, and it sounds like Ethan and Jan would both be adult for it. we mean, historically speaking, they’ve both been adult for it in opposite though identical circumstances. And if it happens, it happens. The thing about Jan is that we consider she honestly does not wish to be tied down. She does not wish a father or a critical beloved who expects anything from her. She wants to have fun and dope around. God knows what Ethan wants. we know it’s totally wrong, though we consider an event between Jan and Ethan would be hot. She’s such an ice princess and he’s so emotive… it would be interesting.

January also posted this shot final weekend with a message, “Cool shot taken by Ethan only now. #imnotactingpissedhereimactuallypissed #winkyface”.



Photos pleasantness of WENN, January’s IG.






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