Cameron Diaz: Society shows ‘chauvinism and misogyny’ towards singular women

Cameron Diaz: Society shows ‘chauvinism and misogyny’ towards singular women


Cameron Diaz

These are photos of Cameron Diaz during a opening of Tag Heuer’s initial NYC store. we still can’t trust people buy non-GPS watches in this day and age. That’s what dungeon phones are for, right? Watches are still really most a standing pitch though, and Cameron gets paid to represent. Her cloak is magnificent.

Cameron also covers a Febuary emanate of Self repository to foster The Body Book. She’s already told us all about adult acne, down-there grooming, aging naturally, and poop. Now Cameron’s changed onto a new subject — how singular women are portrayed in a media. Cami believes a subject is brimful with “chauvinism and misogyny” since multitude looks during singular women like something is wrong with them. This is interesting:

“If a attribute fails, it’s since a lady couldn’t reason on to her man, not that a male cheated. It’s terrifying for a lady to get out of a relationship, since it’s always going to be her fault. we get that a lot, being a singular woman. The reports are always observant that I’m ‘acting inappropriately’ toward men. we don’t during all harp on that sh-t, though we time it. we notice it. And afterwards we let it go since there is zero we can do about it.”

[From Self]

She’s positively correct. When Cameron and Justin Timberlake pennyless up, a speak was all about how bad Cami couldn’t get JT to marry her. No one ever deliberate that maybe JT is a douche boyfriend, that he is substantially was. Now he’s a douche husband, though that’s Jessica Biel’s problem.

You know what bothers me on this topic? The idea that there contingency be something pitiable about a lady if she’s not plastering photos of flower bouquets all over Facebook or Twitter. I’ve never, ever finished that either or not I’m in a relationship. Maybe I’m only not into flowers and candies, though we don’t know because people feel a vigour to uncover off on amicable media. Someone greatfully explain this puzzling duty to me.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

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