Brandi Glanville claims Eddie Cibrian is seeking her to compensate child support...

Brandi Glanville claims Eddie Cibrian is seeking her to compensate child support to him



Brandi Glanville had a brief Twitter diatribe yesterday. we feel like LeAnn Rimes’ master devise is working! LeAnn has been so publicly unattached with all duty around Brandi lately, so now it’s Brandi who looks like a one starting Twitter beefs and trash-talking and being a prohibited mess. Anyway, Brandi’s tweets need a Rosetta Stone to decipher/decode, though a simple crux is that Eddie Cibrian is seeking Brandi to compensate him child support…? HAHA.

Brandi Glanville was left a divorced mom of dual when her ex-husband allegedly cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes — who he would go on to marry — though now notwithstanding vital a life in a path of oppulance with his nation thespian wife, a Bravo star claims Eddie Cibrian is seeking her for child support!

The disloyal integrate share control of sons, Mason, 10, and Jake, 6, that has led to most feuding and debate over Rimes’ purpose as stepmother to a boys, when she blogged about stealing “step” when a boys are in her home and opting instead only for “mom.”

While Glanville and Cibrian try to make good for a consequence of their sons, a attribute has been hilly for utterly some time and is good documented by both a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Rimes’ Twitter pages.

“Im not holding inexpensive shots during my ex in my new book cuz a all true,” Glanville tweeted on Tuesday, referring to her latest book release, Drinking Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance.

“now mr imagination new carshouse male is seeking ME for child support!Uknownada”

Glanville, 41, reportedly lives in a medium — though good — home in a Hollywood Hills off Mulholland Drive, while Cibrian and Rimes only purchased a new $3 million 6-bedroom home in a chosen Hidden Hills area final year.

Rimes has an estimated net value of $20 million.

“everytime we take 1 step frwd we get a lawyers minute that takes me 3 stairs behind so wen people contend pierce on, we contend 2 my ex LET ME! Just STOP,” Glanville tweeted, hinting that Cibrian served her with child support paper work.

Radar reached out directly to Glanville for comment, though got no response during a time of publication.

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I’m including a screencap of a tweets below. Do we unequivocally consider Eddie has a insolence to ask Brandi for child support? Wouldn’t that be a conditions where he would be laughed out of court? Granted, we consider Brandi creates some-more income than she lets on (especially when she was great misery while carrying a Louis Vuitton purse), though Eddie married someone who (allegedly) has an eight-figure net worth. Unless LeAnn’s finances unequivocally are struggling. Are they? we know she doesn’t have a lot of income entrance in from manuscript sales or her half-assed “tour” though certainly LeAnn has done some correct investments by a years? Because what happens when a income runs out? Well… that would be interesting.

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