2014 Golden Globes recap: what was your favorite impulse from a night?

2014 Golden Globes recap: what was your favorite impulse from a night?



After a few awards seasons where it felt like a who’s who of who’s that, it does feel like this year’s awards deteriorate is a lapse to old-school film stars and BIG cinema and large moments in TV. The Globes had some fits and starts, infrequently relocating so quickly, we didn’t comprehend that 40 mins had passed, and infrequently it was like, “Ugh, this 20 second debate is going on FOREVER!” Biggest disappointment: that 12 Years a Slave was close out in all of a behaving categories. Biggest excitement: 12 Years winning Best Picture, and we was also unequivocally gratified that Amy Adams finally won something. Anyway, here are some highlights from a 2014 Golden Globes:

*Honestly, we got super-excited before a uncover even began. It was a good year to be a fashion-watcher, both for good and bad style. Some good red runner moments! Also: this year’s red runner trend was AWFUL HAIR.

*Amy Poehler Tina had so many extraordinary one-liners, it’s unfit to list them all. we consider a biggest one was a Clooney one: “Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s a story of how George Clooney would rather boyant divided into space and die than spend one some-more notation with a lady his possess age.” we also loved: “Matthew McConaughey is here. For his purpose in Dallas Buyers Club, he mislaid 45 pounds, or what actresses call ‘being in a movie’.”

*Amy Poehler finally won something too! we adore Amy and Tina’s long-standing bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and we adore Amy’s yearly pieces for her Parks Rec nominations – this year’s bit enclosed a behind massage from Bono and it worked! The best part? After Amy won, Tina told her there was still a special place in ruin for her, that is THE BEST Taylor Swift shade ever.

*Amy Tina’s Leonardo DiCaprio fun was so good, it messed adult a telecast! The joke: “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a comfortable acquire to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

*What was with all of a s-bombs? Jacqueline Bisset is a bit of a whackadoodle, so I’ll pardon her, yet Elisabeth Moss knows better. Speaking of, we was anxious Elisabeth won. we consider she’s so impossibly talented.

*Jennifer Lawrence won again (Best Supporting). we wish there isn’t a recoil opposite her, since right now it seems like everybody is putting her on a pedestal.

*Very happy for Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad’s particular wins. Don’t contend goodbye only nonetheless – I’m certain a uncover and Cranston will also win large during a Emmys in September. Not to discuss during a SAGs subsequent Saturday.

*Bono’s kind of a apparatus yet we would crash The Edge. That male is aging like a excellent wine.

*I was over happy whenever a camera complacent on Idris Elba, Don Cheadle, Emma Thompson or Meryl Streep. we could have watched all of them a whole show.

*The Globes were condemned by a participation of Angelina Jolie: Angelina’s father Jon Voight won, as did Angelina’s godmother Jacqueline Bisset. And Brad Pitt was a final chairman thanked on stage. Haunting.

*I was happy that Amy Adams finally won SOMETHING. She’s like a Susan Lucci of all awards shows – always nominated, never a winner.

*Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor, proof once again that Michael Fassbender is an simpleton for not waging a correct campaign. we have to give it to Leto, yet – his debate is unusually effective. As for his geisha hair… um, NO. Meanwhile, Fassbender unequivocally won Best Ginger (joint with Amy Adams).


*Emma Thompson is extraordinary everywhere. She is extraordinary in a audience, she’s extraordinary as a presenter, she’s extraordinary as a person. Everyone was like “Emma was so drunk” when she presented with a cocktail her Louboutins in her hand, yet I’m flattering certain she was only doing a bit.

*Michael Douglas used a word “mince” as a irreverent when he supposed his endowment for Beyond a Candelabra. Is this offensive?

*I like that Woody Allen didn’t give a sh-t adequate to uncover adult to accept his Cecil B. DeMille Award. He never comes out for these awards shows (when he’s nominated, or receiving a lifetime achievement, yet he did go to a Oscars to benefaction a reverence to NYC after 9/11) and I’m blissful he didn’t start this year. But OMG, Diane Keaton usurpation a endowment on his interest was insane. SHE SANG.

*Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Comedy Actor for Wolf of Wall Street. we theory he’s removing an Oscar nomination. Ugh.

*YAY for Cate Blanchett! She looked beautiful and we consider she’s substantially a frontrunner for a Best Actress Oscar. Plus, we favourite her speech!

*Matthew McConaughey won for Dallas Buyers Club? we mean… we get it, he really, unequivocally wanted it yet NOOO. No.

*ALL OF THE BEARDS. So many smashing beards, so small time.



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