Will Ranbir Kapoor Propose Katrina?

Will Ranbir Kapoor Propose Katrina?


Ladies’ hearthrob Ranbir Kapoor competence mangle a few hearts on his birthday. The grapevine is buzzing with rumours of a star formulation to introduce to his partner Katrina Kaif.

A lot of signs gave birth to this rumour. The integrate was speckled removing cosy on an abroad vacation recently. Apart from this, a actor took his partner Katrina out for selling and means her a span of costly earrings.

A source revealed, “A lot of hearts are set to mangle on Ranbir’s birthday. But looks like a male has done adult his mind.” There were also reports that a actor’s relatives were not wholly happy with her son’s choice of girlfriend. But it seems puzzled for Ranbir to go opposite his parents’ wishes.

Katrina Kaif’s orator kills a reports and says, “This is not probable since on Ranbir’s birthday, he is going to be compelling his film Besharam and so he will be travelling.”

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