Why is Akshay Kumar indignant with his Fan Club?

Why is Akshay Kumar indignant with his Fan Club?


Akshay Kumar is mightily dissapoint with a fan bar of his that has been conning people out of their income by earnest them work in his films. The Khiladi, who played a standard indignant immature male in several films, is now unequivocally indignant with a Fan Club.

“Heard some upsetting news… some members of my “FAN CLUB” have been dubious some fans and duping them of income with fake promises of alighting an partner directors pursuit on my films,” was his tweet.

He added, “If we are my fan, we know my story… there is no by-pass to success. Please don’t be genuine and don’t give divided your tough warranted income to crooks.”

Meanwhile, a actor recently finished sharpened for his film Holiday, that is set for a recover in June.

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