When Sonakshi Sinha was mistaken for a commoner…

When Sonakshi Sinha was mistaken for a commoner…


Sonakshi Sinha recently had an annoying impulse when she showed adult during a sets of a existence show; but any make-up. The confidence ensure didn’t recognise her and suspicion she was only some fan perplexing to gatecrash a show.

We can’t unequivocally censure a ensure as stars can’t customarily be recognized but their make-up on and stars customarily use this to their advantage when they have to transport around. Sona did accurately a same and apparently, a ensure there didn’t let her in.

This pissed her off and she most screamed during a ensure observant “Hello, I’m Sonakshi Sinha.” That was when several people from a uncover came there and took her in. Reportedly, a ensure was reprimanded a lot.

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