When Deepika Padukone cried in front of her dad

When Deepika Padukone cried in front of her dad


When Bollywood’s story is written, Deepika Padukone will be counted as Bollywood’s initial heading lady to have notched adult as many as 4 back-to-back 100 crore hits in a same year. She is one versatile singer a film attention proudly owns. Time and again she has valid herself with her choice of different films, right from her initial film. The year 2013 was indeed really successful for Deepika Padukone. She had a fairytale journey. Well, no consternation she’s been nominated in many categories during endowment functions this year.

Recently, IBN-CNN radio network awarded her Indian of a year, special feat endowment for delivering a slew of hits in 2013, including Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ram-Leela. Winning a endowment was not as special to her as most as from whom she perceived it. Well, her father ace badminton actor Prakash Padukone handed a endowment to his daughter and it was a impulse of honour for a whole Padukone clan. Deepika Padukone got intensely romantic and only couldn’t reason behind her tear. She admits to being an romantic dope and that it’s ok to cry.

A teary eyes Deepika said, it was over whelming to accept an endowment from her dad. She also credited all her success to her parents, thanking them for permitting her to live her dream. She had a special summary to all a relatives in a world. She urges them to let their kids follow their dreams.

Well, Deepy, we truly merit all a awards this year, for all a tough work we put in to perform us all.

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