What are Anil Kapoor’s multi-tasking abilities?

What are Anil Kapoor’s multi-tasking abilities?


The 24 actor Anil Kapoor is famous for his radical ways. Recently, he was speckled holding a travel on a streets of Juhu Scheme; while this is expected, deliberation a fact that he is a aptness freak, what he was doing along with holding a travel was totally unexpected.

The Mr. India actor was walking and giving an talk during a same time. The interviewer was holding a recorder tighten to Anil and during a same time, was perplexing tough to keep gait with a actor. Following a dual was Anil’s committed bodyguard.

The aptness weird that he is, we consider Anil did not wish to skip his dusk travel for an talk and finished adult doing both simultaneously.

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