The Good Road out of a Oscar Race

The Good Road out of a Oscar Race


The Good Road is substantially one of a many critically acclaimed bollywood films that was ever made. Sadly though, a film that managed to win over a other Indian films to go to a Oscars, could not make it to a nominations for a best Foreign denunciation films difficulty that was selected by a Oscars.

The academy of suit design humanities and sciences recently announced a list of a films that are going to be nominated underneath a unfamiliar denunciation films difficulty and The Good Road was not a partial of it. Here’s a list of a 9 films that done it to a list..,

1. The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium) – Director: Felix outpost Groeningen

2. An Episode in a Life of an Iron Picker (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Director: Danis Tanovic

3. The Missing Picture (Cambodia) – Director: Rithy Panh

4. The Hunt (Denmark) – Director: Thomas Vinterberg

5. Two Lives (Germany) – Director: Georg Maas

6. The Grandmaster (Hong Kong) – Director: Wong Kar-wai

7. The Notebook (Hungary) – Director: Janos Szasz

8. The Great Beauty (Italy) – Director: Paolo Sorrentino

9. Omar (Palestine) – Director: Hany Abu-Assad

Out of these 9 films, 5 films will be selected by a time a nominations will be announced on a 16th of Jan 2014.

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