Sonam Kapoor to be named Mili in her next, Khubsoorat

Sonam Kapoor to be named Mili in her next, Khubsoorat


Sonam Kapoor not usually stars in a reconstitute of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s dear film Khubsoorat, she has motionless to name herself after another dear womanlike protagonist from another Hrishikesh Mukherjee classical Mili.

Happily divulgence this gob of information Sonam says, “Yes, that’s right. My executive Shashank Ghosh, my writer Rhea who also happens to be my sister (laughs) and I, we all motionless not to name my impression Anju. That was a name Rekhaji was given by Hrishida in Khubsoorat. We motionless to name my impression Mili.”

When probed on because a crossover was done from one dear Hrishida heroine to another Sonam said, “We are all outrageous fans of Hrishikesh Mukherjee. My father worked in his final film. Unfortunately we couldn’t work with him. Shashank waited 4 years to do his possess take on Khubsoorat with me. And given Mili is another favourite of film of cave by Hrishida, we motionless to incorporate that as good into a Khubsoorat.”

Sonam says her Khubsoorat is really opposite from a original. “The suggestion is a same. The characters are also a same. But a feel and resources have been changed. we entirely enjoyed personification a impression that Rekhaji has played so splendidly in a past.”

Has Rekha’s Khubsoorat been obliterated from Sonam’s version? “Obliterating Rekhaji is too oppressive a thought. Her suggestion runs by Khubsoorat. But we haven’t copied her in any way. Not in my clothes, opening or attitude. we am Mili, not Anju.”

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