Sherlyn Chopra files an FIR opposite her Kamasutra 3D executive Rupesh Paul

Sherlyn Chopra files an FIR opposite her Kamasutra 3D executive Rupesh Paul


For some reason or a other, a Kamasutra 3D singer Sherlyn Chopra seems to be staying in a news these days after she got roped into a role. Initially she was unequivocally talked about when she announced that she is not going to be a partial of Kamasutra 3D anymore though afterwards Rupesh Paul, her executive gave another press recover observant that she gave a press expelled usually after she satisfied that she wasn’t there in a latest trailer.

Now, Sherlyn files an FIR opposite Rupesh Paul observant that a executive cheated her and even attempted to murder her impression by melancholy to post her bare cinema on a internet. In her minute to additional commissioner of military Vishwas Nangare Patel, she complained about forgery, intrigue and snub of tact by Rupesh Patel. She blamed Rupesh for constrained her to pointer fake papers of a film and also not profitable her finish arrangement for a movie.

Not only that, in what was a bit of a surprise, she also settled that a Kamasutra 3D executive transposed her with another singer when she declined his passionate advances and threatened to trickle her bare cinema on a internet! He apparently also sent her some unequivocally coarse mails. She wants required movement taken opposite him. Too bad that all this had to occur only before a film was going to get released. Or is this some kind of broadside stunt..we wonder?

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