Press Release: First Indian Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite visits MIG Cricket Club...

Press Release: First Indian Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite visits MIG Cricket Club a Dream Land of Cricket


Bollywood and cricket has a smashing alliance Cricket have some charismatic attract to attract a ladies to a cricketing world. The outrageous mass interest is a biggest likeness between a universe of cricket and Bollywood. The affinity for cricket in Bollywood has been there given time immemorial. Top Bollywood stars were zealous cricket fans. Recently Indian Cricket group gets their fan from all over UK a First Indian Playboy Girl Shanti Dynamite who has distinguished a festival of tone “Holi” during a MIG Cricket Club. The M. I. G. Cricket Club is one of a inaugural cricket clubs in Mumbai and has a challenging cricket group personification in a ‘A’ multiplication of Dr H. D. Kanga League Tournament as good as in all vital tournaments in a city other comparison turn tournaments organized by a Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and MIG had a continual organisation given a late 1980s, and it’s removed a batting legend’s unchanging use stints there before a vital general series. Sachin Tendulkar is compared with a bar and his son Arjun Tendulkar also practices during a MIG cricket academy. Shanti Dynamite was a Guest of respect along with Satish Reddy during a MIG Club, she was taken on a theatre by Chairman Pravin Barve and she was introduced to all a members and a guest. Shanti said, “I am unequivocally happy to play my initial ever Holi on a place of fable cricketers.” Though Shanti Dynamite grew adult in a Punjabi domicile and had listened about Indians festivals, she had never had a first-hand knowledge of any. And now, she has distinguished Holi on a Cricketers land.

Shanti Dynamite who has colored herself into a colors of Gulaal said, “It was unequivocally portentous impulse for me as we am celebrating my initial ever Holi in India on a Dream Land of Cricketers. we have listened that Holi is a open festival is famous as a festival of colors though it is a festival of love. we adore this festival unequivocally most we enjoyed with tiny children’s and girls armed with dry colours, pichkaris and balloons. we adore Aamchi Mumbai Jai Maharashtra.”

Shanti who is always mount for women empowerment appreciated a MIG Club bid who had started hosting Women`s Cricket World Cup, she said, “MIG Club is unequivocally doing a smashing thing by giving height to each women who is equal to men.”


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