On New Year’s eve, Pooja Chopra get heavily injured!

On New Year’s eve, Pooja Chopra get heavily injured!


While many us where merrymaking or celebrating New Year as a time struck 12, there was a certain luminary who had to obstruct herself to walls of hospital, recovering. Well, a hapless luminary is Pooja Chopra Wondering what happened to her ? The ‘Commando’ actor was station by her window in front of her apartment, sipping on some tea when all of remarkable a window-pane pennyless and strike a ground. Out of a potion pieces that sparse around, there were some that pierced by a actor’s left leg and she started draining profusely.

The discerning meditative of a domestic assistance saved her from any serve complications. She was afterwards immediately taken to a circuitously sanatorium where she had to bear an 3 and a half hour puncture surgery. She had to go by 50 peculiar stitches on her leg since of her arteries, nerves and tendons that were left heavily ruptured by a shards of potion and wood. The doctors have suggested rest for about 4 months rest before she can start walking scrupulously or behaving any kinda stunts.

Well, we wish Pooja a rapid liberation and wish that 2014 will move in fun and good health for her.

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