Kareena to foster Channel V’s VithU app

Kareena to foster Channel V’s VithU app


Kareena Kapoor has been selected as a bollywood star to foster a Channel V’s VithU app, a new app that has been designed by a channel for a insurance of women’s safety, with that anyonw can strech out to their friends and guardians with a click of a symbol on a phone.

Kareena, articulate about because she took adult this graduation pronounced that she did not feel stable in a city any longer. “When we was told about this app, we wanted to come on board. As a crime rate is flourishing we trust on a emanate of women safety… They need to be protected. It’s critical for actors to mount adult for issues as they can strech out to lot of people” was what she said.

Like everybody else in a country, Bebo too was confounded and unhappy during what happened to a womanlike publisher recently. “What happened to a publisher was shocking. Recently, a immigrant who lives only behind my residence was raped. we never suspicion this could occur where we are living. We have listened about such cases in Delhi, MP and now it has happened in a city of Mumbai where people are prepared and operative people. It is disappointing” she says articulate about it.

Kareena’s mom Babitha and Saif are both happy that she’s taken this up.”Both my mom and Saif are happy we am ancillary this. Saif even wished he could be partial of it.There are times when we fire compartment late night or early morning… My mom gets disturbed she stays awake. we call her whenever we come home” was what she said, articulate about it.

It’s unequivocally elegant that Bebo has taken adult something like this. We wish that a app gets popularized interjection to her and saves a lives of women of a country.

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