John Abraham alone can do it!

John Abraham alone can do it!


John Abraham admits that if a event came, he’d adore to be a partial of a Dhoom array again.

“For me it’s all about motorcycles,” says a actor. The self-confessed motorhead is formulation a film on motorcycle racing. “I unequivocally wish to do a racing film, privately as a biker. Because motorcycling has not been shown with most credit on shade notwithstanding a fact that it has a genuine large market. We are operative on a script,”
says a actor.

Prod him on either he will be behaving in a film and he retorts with a laugh, “Yes, of course. Only we can do it. You can’t take a bike out of John or clamp versa,” asserts a actor-producer.

The sports enthusiast, who owns a hockey group and has run a Mumbai Marathon, is also producing a film, 1911, desirous by a Kolkata football bar Mohan Bagan’s century aged ancestral win over an English football club.

“I wish to make out-of-the-box films that will not usually offer something novel to a assembly during home though also interest to a incomparable assembly abroad and we don’t indispensably meant a Indian diaspora,” pronounced a actor.

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