Jiah Khan self-murder case: Sooraj Pancholi to be attempted for aiding suicide

Jiah Khan self-murder case: Sooraj Pancholi to be attempted for aiding suicide


In a uninformed turn to a Jiah Khan self-murder case, her purported beloved Sooraj Pancholi has been privileged of murder charges as a review valid that a actress’ genocide was a suicide. But as per a cops, Sooraj Pancholi will now be attempted for aiding her suicide.

“There was no justification to uncover that Jiah was killed. We have left into a element given by her mom though have not found any justification to support a speculation that it was a box of murder,” a tip military officer said.

Police had final week filed a 447-page assign piece in an Andheri justice that did not prove it was a box of murder, formed on a justification collected during review though it accuses Sooraj of aiding Jiah’s suicide.

Her mom Rabiya however, is not assured that it is a suicide. “They (police) have not finished a consummate probe. They have not scrupulously probed a murder angle notwithstanding a high court’s direction,” she said.

“We shall pierce a Bombay High Court subsequent week seeking that a military examine a aspect of Jiah Khan’s murder as they have abandoned a element given to them by Rabiya strongly suggesting that her daughter had been killed,” her lawyer, Dinesh Tiwari added.

Earlier, when Rabiya approached an eccentric debate consultant R N Jerajani, who pronounced that a ligature outlines on Jiah’s neck could not have been caused by a soothing cloth with that she was hanging. “The probability of strangulation is not ruled out in this case,” he had pronounced in a debate report.

Rabiya’s petition also pronounced that a CCTV footage showed Jiah entering her home, wearing a tracksuit mins before her genocide though her physique was found in a nightgown. “Would a chairman about to dedicate self-murder change her dress?” Rabiya had wondered in her petition and combined that a roof fan from that she was unresolved was located between dual singular beds and it was not probable for Jiah to hang herself but a stool, that was nowhere to be found in a house.


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