ICC revamp good for West Indies

ICC revamp good for West Indies


Whycliffe 'Dave' Cameron (left) and Emmanuel Nanthan, a WICB's new boss and vice-president

The WICB boss Whycliffe Cameron has pronounced a governance, financial and fixtures restructuring of a ICC, due by BCCI, CA and ECB, would leave West Indies cricket good placed monetarily to guarantee a growth of a competition in a region. The WICB was one of 8 play that upheld a due changes during a ICC assembly in Singapore, and Cameron pronounced West Indies’ Full Member standing would be unblushing after a transition.

“The WICB projects an boost of some-more than 100% in ICC income for a arriving eight-year cycle of general matches formed on a proposals when compared to a before eight-year cycle,” Cameron said.

The benefaction FTP, according to Cameron, was unlucky to a WICB and a means for their financial problems. Under a new complement of shared negotiations to establish fixtures, he pronounced West Indies could safeguard they played some-more essential series.

“Currently, West Indies have a many unlucky allocation of matches of all a Full Members of a ICC, formed on a stream FTP schedule, and this is mostly a reason a WICB is set to have a vital necessity during a finish of a financial year, Sep 30, 2014,” Cameron said. “Based on a due shared structure, a WICB will be means to negotiate fees when a West Indies group plays in divided series, as was a box before to a investiture of a FTP.

“As a West Indies group continues to recover strength, a WICB will be means to negotiate some-more for a brand, that is a many poignant consideration. Also, where a WICB hosts unprofitable tours, we will now be means to entrance a newly due Test Match Fund to assistance equivalent costs. We can surprise we now that a WICB has already cumulative commitments from a vital play to play an increasing array of matches and array during a subsequent eight-year cycle.”

Cameron pronounced a WICB had no need to worry about a two-tier Test complement since he felt West Indies were doubtful to penetrate to 10th in a rankings. “The risk of ‘relegation’ is usually picturesque for a 10th-ranked team. West Indies is now ranked seventh and is in no picturesque position to be ranked 10th in a foreseeable future.

“With a increasing income and a fortified growth programme, a WICB is dynamic to safeguard that a West Indies group is nowhere nearby being ranked 10th in a world, permitting us to continue to play all formats of a diversion in full – and put us in a clever position to negotiate with each other Full Member for appearance in home and divided tours.”

Despite a restructuring giving larger energy to a play of India, England and Australia, Cameron pronounced a WICB’s purpose in a ICC would not diminish. “We wish to make it extravagantly clear: The WICB has not relinquished any powers as a Full Member of a ICC. The WICB stays a Full Member of a ICC with full voting rights on all matters.

“The WICB will be authorised for membership to all committees, chairmanship of all committees, and a presidency and chairmanship of a ICC. As such, we am a member of a Financial Commercial Affairs Committee and will keep that position following a organizational transition. The WICB is intensely assured it will not be harm by a organisational transition of a ICC and a universe ruling physique will be stronger outfit as a result.”

Article source: http://www.espncricinfo.com/westindies/content/story/720453.html?CMP=OTC-RSS