Girish Kumar has a still birthday with his friends

Girish Kumar has a still birthday with his friends


Remember Girish Kumar, a man from Ramaiya Vastavayya? The kid usually incited 25 today. With him entering into a bollywood world, we suspicion that he would applaud his birthday bollywood character throwing a large party. Instead, he chose to applaud it sensitively with usually a few of his childhood friends.

When Girish Kumar was asked why, this was what he had to say, “Well, these are my friends who have been with me in thick and thin. There is an whole year to be spent in a universe of movies. However birthdays are meant usually for my closest pals and me. Incidentally nothing of them belongs to misty families. This way, we can speak about anything and all but looking over a shoulders.”

So what present has his father Kumar Taurani gievn him this year? “Well, we consider my father has given me so most in my life. He keeps revelation me that God has given hands to everyone. There are some whose hands are with palms open so that they can receive. On a other hand, there are some whose hands are always open to give. My father is a giver. The kind of adore and honour that he ensured for me with Ramaiya Vastavaiya is something that can't be measured. we couldn’t have asked for more” was what Girish Kumar had to contend to that.

We wish a immature and large actor a really happy birthday and wish that he gets a lot of film offers from his favorite directors this year.

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