Gibson happy with West Indies methods

Gibson happy with West Indies methods


Chris Gayle launches a round out of a ground, India v West Indies, World T20, Group 2, Mirpur, Mar 23, 2014

When dual antithesis players pronounce plainly about your weakness, a respond is awaited. When asked if his players are too reliant on bounds and place a low importance on singles and twos, West Indies manager Ottis Gibson pronounced he took honour in carrying large hitters in a team.

Before a India-West Indies game, Suresh Raina had pronounced that India would demeanour to cut out fours and sixes, since West Indies don’t like rotating a strike. On Sunday evening, India bowled copiousness of dot balls, cut out a bounds and limited West Indies to a medium score.

Now Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim has echoed Raina’s words. In 4 T20s opposite Bangladesh so far, West Indies have averaged eleven fours and 8 sixes a match. That sixes count is aloft than their altogether normal of only over 5 per match.

Gibson responded by observant there was zero wrong with West Indies’ method, and they had finished good basing their plan around boundaries, even if India had taken advantage of comprehension collected on his team’s players during a IPL.

“We are sanctified with players who can strike a round to a stands,” Gibson said. “I am certain people will demeanour during [Chris] Gayle to strike a round to a stands rather than take a discerning singular and lift a hamstring. If we demeanour behind during a game, many of a best players are in a IPL and we consider they [India] know them utterly well, and a lot of a skeleton from final night seem to come out of IPL. Bangladesh are opposite and we demeanour brazen to it. We have to concentration on winning, to tarry in a tournament.

“People will make assumptions formed on what happened final night. India bowled well. We didn’t get singles though we don’t routinely get singles. That’s a approach it goes sometimes.”

Gibson believes that speak of holding some-more singles wouldn’t indispensably meant his group would start doing that. He wants a batsmen to be some-more wakeful of a conditions they are personification in, and afterwards find ways to find a boundaries.

“You can’t change most technically though it is in a mindset,” he said. “We have to be wakeful of what a antithesis is perplexing to do. We need to adjust mindset to negate that. We can’t only start holding singles, though take those that are there. we wouldn’t wish them to be run out, like Gayle did final night. He would have got 30-40 additional runs.”

Against India, West Indies didn’t embody a gifted Ravi Rampaul, and went with a in-form left-armer Krishmar Santokie instead. With India finding copiousness of pitch underneath a lights, Gibson pronounced it would be a cause in their preference opposite Bangladesh, in what will be another night game.

“The round swung some-more during night, as a Indian bowlers showed,” he said. “We have to demeanour during it when we form a eleven. Rampaul and [Sheldon] Cottrell are in a side, both are glorious so we will see how a group shapes up.

“I suspicion he [Santokie] bowled okay. Defending 130 was never going to be easy opposite a Indian batting line-up. He will get some-more and some-more gentle in a tournament. He was substantially a bit nervous, and he will work to improve.”

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