Deepika Padukone commits a conform blunder

Deepika Padukone commits a conform blunder


She is mostly referred to as a conform black and even if she wore a rag, it would turn conform a subsequent day. So when people like her go wrong in their choice of clothes, it unequivocally disappoints us. We are articulate about a cold and stylish Deepika Padukone, who recently succumbed to an ill wise outfit.

At a new phenomenon of Filmfare’s Awards book Deepika went white prohibited in a cropped tip and pencil dress from Zara and sky-high Louboutins. Giving a all-white demeanour some tone were bullion Eina Ahluwalia trishul earrings, a necklace from Mawiand red lips. She opted for a neat hairdo with a purify center parting.

While she carried off this confidant demeanour with good palliate and elan, what got us dreaming was her padded inner-wear. Her stand tip looked a diminutive bit parsimonious creation her familiar demeanour really unflattering *cringe*. The middle wear simply busted a whole outfit.

We do know she wanted to give a sense of a some-more curvier figure, though it’s really conspicuous that she’s wearing a padded bra, that is really distracting and annoying.

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