British Journalist to play an ‘extra’ in Salman Khan’s Kick!

British Journalist to play an ‘extra’ in Salman Khan’s Kick!


The business arch of an internationally eminent financial journal personification a little purpose in a blurb masala Bollywood film is unheard of. But a fact that it is Salman Khan’s Kick, anything is possible.

Film-maker Sajid Nadiadwala, who is creation his directorial entrance with a Salman Khan’s Kick, was desperately looking for someone to play a partial of a British diplomat for a film. “They wanted a man who didn’t usually demeanour a part, though also could convincingly lift off a lines. They couldn’t find anyone who fit a partial until Chetan Bhagat, who’s created a script, came adult with an idea,” pronounced a source tighten to a film’s production.

“Mr. Bhagat suggested a name of his crony James Crabtree, a Mumbai business arch of a London-based journal Financial Times. And James who is a Bollywood fan, now concluded to come on board,” a source informed.

When contacted, James pronounced “Of march we wish to be in a Bollywood film though we was anticipating there would be no strain and dance since we can’t do either!”

When asked if he would take adult any some-more Bollywood assignments, he laughed and pronounced “Well, yes. Friends have been job adult to contend that we should quit broadcasting and turn a subsequent Tom Alter.”

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