BCB assured of securing array with Big Three

BCB assured of securing array with Big Three


ICC CEO Dave Richardson and BCB boss Nazmul Hassan residence a media, Dhaka, Aug 13, 2013

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is assured of securing home-and-away shared array opposite India, England and Australia for a subsequent dual years after a ICC Board meeting in Singapore. The usually downside for a BCB from a assembly is a a introduction of a play-off compare between a stream bottom-ranked Test side and a subsequent Intercontinental Cup champions.

“Negotiations are ongoing so it is utterly early to contend what we have gained in total,” a BCB official, requesting anonymity, said. “Most of a negotiations are going on with a BCCI, Cricket Australia and a ECB. Otherwise, there was no problem for Bangladesh streamer into a assembly as a Test standing had been cumulative in a progressing ICC assembly in Dubai.

“Bangladesh will play according to a stream FTP schedule, though with shared agreements in place. We will get some-more cricket for sure, and that will simulate in a subsequent dual years.”

After returning from a final meeting, BCB boss Nazmul Hassan had spoken about how he had motionless to go with a infancy if Bangladesh’s problems were private from a “position paper”. The updated offer does not enclose a two-tier system, serve enhancing Bangladesh’s support for a Big Three.

Bangladesh toured Australia in 2003 for dual Tests and 3 ODIs and played usually 3 ODIs on their 2008 visit. The dual sides final met in a Test compare in 2006 in Bangladesh. With a 2015 World Cup a year away, BCB will demeanour to fit in a debate to Australia this year.

Bangladesh’s final Test array opposite India was in 2010 and a side have never toured India. A container for an India array in 2016 is being discussed, though it has not nonetheless been confirmed. Against England, Bangladesh final played a home-and-away array in 2010 though were not scheduled to debate England, or India, until 2020.

The play-off compare opposite a subsequent Intercontinental Cup leader is a usually emanate of displeasure for Bangladesh. The Intercontinental Cup is expected to start after World Cup 2015, and finish by 2017. The cut-off date to confirm that Full Member will underline in a play-off matches is nonetheless to be decided.

According to a BCB official, a play-offs might be in a form of 4 five-day matches, that might be given first-class status. If a Test-playing republic wins, a Intercontinental Cup leader will not validate as a eleventh Test nation. If a Associate republic wins, however, a obligatory Test-playing republic will have 5% deducted from the ICC-generated revenue.

Article source: http://www.espncricinfo.com/bangladesh/content/story/717505.html?CMP=OTC-RSS