Anu Malik’s strain for Welcome Back wasn’t ‘good enough’

Anu Malik’s strain for Welcome Back wasn’t ‘good enough’


Welcome Back, a grand and large film that has unequivocally large stars like John Abraham, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Shruti Hassan and Dimple Kapadia has this unequivocally large organisation strain to that everybody dances to and this strain was ostensible to get filmed this week. But afterwards it got postponed, and a for a many odd reason ever, that a strain that was stoical by Anu Malik wasn’t grand adequate for all a stars in Welcome Back!

The writer of Welcome Back, Feroz Nadiadwala, a executive Anees Bazmee and a strain executive Anu Malik himself did not unequivocally like a strain and hence they motionless that a sharpened for this strain will take place usually after a ideal balance was stoical and will take place by a finish of March.

Here’s what Anees says articulate about it, “We all felt we were not removing that kind of loftiness in a sound that would clear a participation of Anil, John, Nana, Dimple and Shruti in a same frame. So rather than fire with an under-whelming strain we motionless to postpone a sharpened of a series until March-end when we are certain to get a lane that we want”

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