Amit Sadh’s fractured leg delays “Guddu Rangeela”

Amit Sadh’s fractured leg delays “Guddu Rangeela”


The Kai Po Che! star Amit Sadh‘s fractured leg is inspiring his projects. The fire of his arriving film Guddu Rangeela has been behind by a month since of it.

Earlier Amit Sadh Tweeted, “Getting improved ! Thankyou all fr all a adore and prayers.!! Will be puttin my superman outfit shortly !”

When contacted, Amit said: “The leg is healing. we have to be clever since this collision has messed adult a report of my film. Now a doctors tell me that a initial dual weeks after a detonate will be really bad.”

“Everyone has been wonderful. My executive Subhash Kapoor sir has been like a father, caring for me. we am removing a lot of adore and courtesy and we am enjoying each bit of it,” he pronounced and combined that a film’s group are really supportive.

Amit serve added, “The doctors contend a initial dual weeks are going to be painful. we feel pain usually when we pierce my leg. After dual weeks, a pain and flourishing would subside. The detonate will heal. we start re-hab in a third week. But we am removing a lot of visitors. So we feel like a star.”

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